February 23, 2011

Bring Back VS System

Quoted from Facebook:

Squire Kershner - February 23, 2011 at 8:58am
Subject: Upper Deck is asking you for your input . . . so do it!

There have been several announcements from Upper Deck and members of their staff, that they are looking for input and guidance from the masses regarding a re-launch of VS. Members of the VSSystem.org Council have been told, that if enough interest is shown on sites like VsSystem.org, or enough comments/likes show up on the below pages, there is a significant likelihood that UD's new gaming division could be convinced to relaunch VS System.

If you care about this game, and would be as geeked as I would be, to see VS back in production, take a the time to "Like" and Post on the following two pages. Tell your friends and gaming pals. We CAN make a difference.


Bring Back Vs. System


Scott said...

Just "liked" both pages. Let's see if this works...

Anonymous said...

is it still $5 to come in and play what time does it start today nathan

ILAN said...

how's this looking? any more word since Feb or is this one big massive 'Card Tease'