February 01, 2011

"Learn-to-Play" Tournament Report

The Warlord "Learn-to-Play" tournament last Sunday was a lot of fun. We had 6 players come out to play; and were short another 2 due the lovely arctic cold snap we were enjoying over the weekend. Here is a list of players, factions and warlords that made appearances:

Alex: Yvaalis (Elf)
Charles: Yavlo (Deverenian)
Ed: Jorgun (Dwarf)
Jason: Krenthor Gouge (Nothrog)
Jordan: Rreg'jen (Nothrog)
Sebastian: Cathel Rowan (Elf)

After three rounds of fighting Jason and Sebastien were our two top commanders. Due to time, they were unable to play out for the win and made it a die-roll victory. After exerting a little of my mental power on the outcome (hey it could happen!) Sebastien was crowned victor of the event.

As the victor Sebastien extended a challenge to the Overlord "Drasek the Furious". Drasek was hungry though, and after only four rounds the entire elven army had been devoured in a shower of fire and blood. (A small bit of advice for anyone who is interested in challenging Drasek: multiple attacks per turn!)

The responses to the game was highly favorable by all the players who attended. In an effort to increase interest, I donated the decks used by the new players to keep. There was some older packs available at the store which all got purchased after the tournament, so I consider the event a great success!

If all goes well in the planning stages, our next event will be a Winter Campaign tournament. This would likely the be only Winter Campaign event being held in Canada, and the outcome of each of these can affect the course of the game in the future. For more details on the Winter Campaign please click here.

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