February 14, 2012

Getting Started All Over Again

Well it seems that in some ways I'm doomed to repeat myself. I don't mean textually, although I'm sure that I repeat myself quite often in my writing as well. However it seems I just can't leave well enough alone. Now that some of the more stressful things have passed (it's been a rocky start to 2012) I'm starting to feel more myself. That of course means that my schedule has settled into some semblance of normality, I'm not laying sick on the couch and I finally feel like a normal human being once again.

Once I get typing I tend to find that I have started mid-thought. That might prove interesting for me, but then I realize I have to go back and try to explain myself, or at least lay out some context in order to provide meaning to the earlier vagueness. Here goes...

By saying I was repeating myself I actually had a two-fold meaning, and neither of them is so dire or desperate as to cause doom of any kind. Yes, an inflammatory statement...I admit my guilt to using overly strong verbiage! I must have seen too many TV commercials recently.

The first thing I was talking about was my health/workout plan. It was frustrating to start missing workouts, and then have to stop altogether, but was necessary. I had to give myself permission in my own head to do so. If I'm not healthy enough to go to work and breathe normally, why berate myself for not being able to do a strenuous workout?! So I've started a new program as of yesterday, which will be accompanied by a much healthier diet. Not too many changes at first, but better food and some exercise should definitely help me avoid getting sick like the last time!

The second thing I was talking about was organizing games; hell just organizing events in general. Less than two weeks after cancelling one thing, I was off planning something else! We had a casual game night at my place on Sunday that I really enjoyed. While waiting for Scott to show up Sebastien, William and I ran a very quick (time and speed-wise) game of Rush 'n Crush. Aside: I won by a mile, which doesn't often happen when I play games, even games I own, so hooray for me! We followed that up by a game of Eaten By Zombies in which we finally figured out the rules correctly. It's a much better game than I had originally thought. Finally we played our first ever game using the Savage Worlds system I was gushing about. We ran short of time, but when we last left our heroes they were wandering through darkened fields after leaving their broken down bus behind. They were lucky to survive an attack by mummified dogs and zombified corpses and decided to make a break for freedom...

I'd be an absolute liar if I said planning games or events was purely altruistic and done with only my friends' happiness in mind. My reasons for organizing game nights, VS events, trips to the theatre, lacrosse games or any other kind of get-together is purely selfish. It's because I want to do those things, and I don't want to do them by myself! So I guess I just have to accept my role in the grander scheme of things and realize that that's part of what makes me...well, ME. The benefit to it, other than providing entertainment and company for myself, is that other folks that decide to join in might *gasp* actually have some fun too.

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