February 03, 2012

What Would You Risk to Create a Lasting Legacy?

If you have never visited my blog before, I would wonder how you got here and why. What random link on the interwebs did you (perhaps mistakenly) click to arrive at this point in space-time? I trust you'll find this site of interest; but if not I won't take offence. Besides, how will I ever know you were even here? If you have been here before, well, I'll simply question your taste in reading material. However, it's to you local regulars that I'm really addressing this entry to.

You see, last night I purchased a copy of RISK: Legacy. Now, I have always liked RISK, but the original usually took too long and was no fun to watch once you were eliminated from the game and others were still vying for global domination. So I bought a copy of RISK: 2210 A.D. a few years back, and found it to be a vast improvement. It's a lot of fun and has some innovative changes to the game that I think are all better than the original. Now we have Hasbro releasing RISK: Legacy, and I need volunteers to play it with me.

The basic concept of the new game is something I've never seen in a board game before. You see, as you play a series of games (a campaign really), the game changes. I mean really changes. We'll write on the board, create cities, modify cards and areas on the map, add new rules to the rulebook and *gasp* even destroy components of the game. Yes, we'll actually rip up and throw away cards from the game, never to be restored. What we'll end up with is a fully unique game, shaped by the people playing it.

From what I've read about RISK: Legacy so far, an actual game can take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes to play. I'd also strongly advise anyone interested in playing NOT to read much very much about the game, as you'll ruin a lot of the fun that will come with opening up the sealed components throughout the campaign. The important thing to understand is that it's still RISK, but with some huge twists thrown in.

So if you want to play, here's what I need to know from you:

1. Can you commit to 10 (maybe more, maybe less) game sessions?
2. Can you play on Sunday evenings, from approximately 6pm to 10pm?

I expect that we would play every other week, or perhaps every third week. In a single session I could see playing two, possibly three games, depending on the length of each. The game can be played with 3 to 5 players. Ideally I'd like to play with a full compliment of 5, which means I need 4 volunteers. If the answers to the questions above are both "yes" submit a comment stating so on this post. Once I've reached a full compliment of players I'll contact everyone with a date for the first game night.

Let the battles begin.

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