August 20, 2012

Local Player Update for VS: DFC Released

I was able to pick up our latest set last week: DFC! They look really good, and some of the cards have some great abilities on them. Unfortunately after prepping the images, then taking the day off from work to pick them up, and finally spending hours sorting them all out for the people who supported the set...I don't really want to look at them any more. At least not for a few more days anyway.

The designers of the set have also added some cool text for Bizarro World. You can view all of the historical Bizarro World text here. I'll be posting up the FAQ for the set shortly as well.

A few people have already picked their sets up, but there are still three folks left to do so. I imagine that will occur on Thursday's regular gaming night. As this is the third set we've done, I thought it might be worth letting people know that there are extras available from each of them. Here's a list with descriptions and costs, should you want to augment your collections:

DCU - Single Packs ($1 each, or 6 packs for $5)
MFA - Complete set, 1 copy of each card, 275 cards total ($65 each)
DFC - Complete set, 1 copy of each card, 275 cards total ($65 each)

As I don't generally bring these items to our regular game nights. If you want to get something you'll have to text me in advance, or send me a PM/comment here so that I can bring it with me.

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