February 22, 2013

Dreadball: Trilogy Cup - Round 4 Pairings

Our league is still rolling along. We've got two more rounds of regular play before we vie for the crown of "Champ-peen". I asked each of the players what they thought would be good for choosing the top two teams to play for the top-place and we decided to go with the top two winning percentages. Any ties that arise will be decided by league points, and then, if necessary, team value.

This feels good to me for a few reasons, first it doesn't punish anyone who may have won a lot of games, but not had the in-game luck to acquire experience, or have rolled low in the income part of the post-game sequence. Secondly, it gives players a chance to increase their odds of getting a championship berth by playing extra games, without requiring them to simply try to up their value. Wins matter here.

The number of wins isn't the only thing however, as a coach who plays some additional games can improve their win percentage, increase the number of league points that they have, and increase their chances of getting a spot on the playoffs. Finally, using the Team Value as a last tie-breaker gives some meaning to it and allows that higher skilled team the opportunity to show off their stuff.

Of course this logic might not be the same for every group playing out there, but it feels logical and solid to me. As the league sponsor, that means I get to choose. So, choose I have.

Here are the league standings after three rounds.

Team Value Points Wins Losses Games Win Pct
Da Bombers 145 5 2 1 3 67%
Royal Eternian Rams 135 7 3 1 4 75%
Avion Yellowhawks 117 5 2 1 3 67%
Funky Fathers 111 4 2 1 3 67%
Snake Mountain Smashers 106 4 0 5 5 0%
Seb's Veer-myn 101 4 2 2 4 50%

I'll leave you with the pairings for Round 4.

- Veer-Myn (44mc bonus) vs. Da Bombers
- Smashers (29mc bonus) vs. Rams
- Fathers (6mc bonus) vs. Yellowhawks

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