February 25, 2013

Field Report: SA-130207-F

Feb 25, 1923

From: Carl Selinger, Commanding Field Agent

To: Director Silver, Calgary Field Office

RE: Case File SA-130207-F


After our long trip over the Atlantic we finally arrived in London and then traveled by train to Braunschweig. Our journey was uneventful, and after the good professor consulted with some of his colleagues at the university, we set off into the northern forest to follow up on Agent Monique's report. She is to meet us with further intelligence when her duties permit.

We found the sacrificial circle exactly where she had described it would be. We immediately began to investigate the outlying area. With dusk rapidly approaching we were completing our preliminary survey when suddenly set upon by uniformed soldiers. They were well trained and extremely well armed. We were quite simply not prepared for that level of firepower.

Both Agent MacIntyre and myself were able to take cover, but were immediately flanked and took heavy fire. Luckily the local surgeons were able to patch us up and we are none the worse for wear. I'll confess to fearing for both of us for more than a moment!

Agent Daniels was caught in open while trying to assist Professor Armitage, and since then seems to be suffering from distress while in open spaces. Physically he seems fine, but in the days following the encounter I've noticed his discomfort. He's tried to keep his composure but I'm certain that his stride quickens when simply crossing a large room or an outdoor space. I am hopeful that it won't affect his performance, but I'll certainly be mindful of it.

Agent McDermott was unable to get a closer look at the circle before having to retreat under fire. The soldiers were garbed in grey and I've never seen the like of them before. Their leader was a smaller man and he was wearing a gleaming silver helmet, which reminded me of the fellow I dispatched last autumn. We didn't recover a body, but the likelihood of it being the same man can simply not be possible. Can it? Perhaps our luck has turned and we've happened upon a connection I thought long cold!

We will continue to investigate.

Carl Selinger
Commanding Field Agent


Simon Q said...

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Obsidian3D said...

Thanks, your continued feedback is much appreciated. It's nice to know that there's someone out there actually reading this stuff once in a while!

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Great report! Love the terrain, as well.

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