May 15, 2013

End of an Era: VS System

Ah VS second TCG dalliance; a dalliance that turned into my first and only true TCG love.

I was able to start and maintain a solid player group for over five years here, three years of which were after Upper Deck 'cancelled' the game. I put together printing for three fan sets after that, all of which were great fun and kept us playing for quite a while. We played bi-weekly or even weekly for most of that time, depending on the season of the year and it was almost always great fun.

However, last weekend I started boxing up all of my VS System cards. It has been a large part of my gaming life for almost a decade, but since we stopped playing last year I have hardly played. All of my sets were sleeved in 9-up clear card sheets, one binder per set. They looked really nice organized that way and specific cards were always easy to find when I was making a deck. After a year of dis-use though, I realized that it was finally time to move on.

So far I've taken apart all of my decks, sorted all of those cards into their respective sets, and begun emptying binders into card boxes. I'm only about a third of the way through the process. When I'm all finished the cards will still be nicely sorted, but will take up quite a bit less space. It's unlikely that I'll ever get rid of them entirely, because it truly was a great game...ruined by a company lacking vision.

Thanks to everyone who helped keep the game going locally, and online. A lot of good times were had due to this game, and I appreciate that!

For those folks who still want to keep tabs on the fan community there is a great community at that can help you keep the game alive with new fan sets, deck building ideas, trading, forums and more.

"Darkseid attacks Hellboy, fires Omega Beams after his Acrobatic Dodge, and then burns him in the fire pits of Apokalypse for trying to eat Pancakes during the fight. The Mandarin's Rings fall from Hellboy's dead hands. Darkseid wins."

Ah good times...

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Eddie Kataishi said...

While I never got into CC games, I grieve for your lose.