May 29, 2013

More New Toys Received

Whew, two more boxes of figures arrived in the mail last week. I had some travel plans for the weekend and thus didn't have a chance to really have a look at everything until now.

First up is my second and final package from the Freebooter's Fate - Legends campaign on IndieGoGo. I received 17 figures, each with a square plastic base, character card (actually two or more cards in both German and English), and a sculpted integral base that fits into the plastic one. A few of the character's names changed from the time of the campaign to release, but it only took me a few moments to figure out who was who.

The first package that I received back around Christmas included the rule book, game cards and a starter box. I'm quite looking forward to putting together a bunch of these figures. Several of the 'legends' figures come with extra components like alternate heads and arms with which to class them up. Likely I'll start with two of the starter boxes and add a couple of faction-specific legends to add some more variety.

The second box was my Dreadball season 2 stuff from Mantic. I've really enjoyed playing this game and the prospect of adding four new teams is really exciting. The striker pledge really was a good deal. I'll be looking forward to the stuff from their DeadZone campaign later this year too. Let's focus on Dreadball though...I received six teams (2 Female Corporation, 1 Robot, 2 Judwan and 1 Z'zor team), plus all of the season 2 MVPs. I didn't buy any cheerleaders or coaches, but I don't see using them anyway, and that's being hopeful that I can even get a second league running.

It'll take a little while before I get all of these put together. I haven't even started on the Freebooter's Fate starter boxes I already have, and I have several figures left to construct for Sedition Wars as well. Maybe I need to stay home on a few rainy nights and just hammer through all these things. Hey that might actually's supposed to rain straight on thru Sunday!

Oh I forgot that I also received the last few figures from my Carnevale pledge back in April as well. Into the storage box they go. I still have those four starter boxes I put together a few months ago to paint!

New toys, new fun. Where to start...?


Simon Q said...

Cool look forward to the FF stuff they have some lovely sculpts!

Obsidian3D said...

Yes the Freebooter stuff is quite nice. I'm not a fan of square bases but the sculpted ones that the figures come with are a really nice touch.

Too many toys not enough time!