June 18, 2013

Gorrillas, Gestapo and Zombies...Oh My!

I apparently have no fiscal fortitude, willpower, or whatever else you want to call it. As I've made mention of before I have a massive pile of figures awaiting construction and paint. Not to mention that they cover what seems to be dozens of genres, time periods and rule sets. But they keep on coming...because I keep on pledging.

This year alone I've supported over a half dozen more Kickstarter campaigns: Wild West Exodus, Empire of the Dead - Requiem, Hell Dorado - Inferno, Zombicide Season 2, Acthung!Cthulhu, Secret Weapons TablescapesDeadzone and Guardians Chronicles which ended today.

While technically yes, a few of those are not miniature games per se, I am in fact going to receive minis from the A!C pledge too. Another 25 figures in fact. Six new mythos investigators, six new monster figures, and 10 Nazi zombies. I doubt I'll get to actually play the role playing game but the books look fantastic and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading all that fluffy WW2 Mythos goodness. Since I'm talking about Nazi figures I might as well use that as a way to get into my topic for today: Nazi gestapo troopers for use with Kulten and Strange Aeons.

The doctor, gestapo officers and their commander are all Pulp Figures by the talented Bob Murch. The commander I'm using was part of a 'strange villains' pack. Of that batch I think he's the only one I've put together so far. Due to his rather small (probably close to true 25mm) size I put him on a larger resin base that I got from Uncle Mike. I have dubbed him "Kommandant Hemler". I doubt that's an accurate rank or title, and hemler simply means 'helmet' but they're my toys so I can call them whatever I want.

Paint colours used on the Nazis were P3 Greatcoat Grey, AP Barbarian Flesh, GW Mephiston Red and GW Boltgun metal. The doctor received a GW Skull White lab coat with some brown trousers and shoes. I custom mixed some hair colour for him.

I'll be using some of the zombies I painted last month as subjects for Dr. Kaufman's evil serum. Click the 'zombies' link at the bottom to have a look at those figures.

I also painted up a Blasphemous Construct model from Uncle Mike's Worldwide. I think this is a great model. It's huge, scary and has lots of great detail on it. My paint job certainly doesn't do it justice.

Next up we have a batch of gorillas, also from Pulp Figures. I bought these months ago and just decided to paint them on a whim. They're quite fun and I wanted to try my hand at some jungle-style basing. So there we go! Being black they were rather difficult to photograph. Hopefully they are visible. I used some gloss on their hands and faces to make them stand out and I think they look good.

And finally, I always seem to have some sort of marker or terrain piece near my painting table, just waiting for the right time to get finished off. This time there were actually two. One is a grave marker I've had awaiting paint for what seems like forever. I think it came with a pack of RAFM ghouls. The other is the crystals from a Necron Lord for 40k plopped down with a few other bits. Markers or scenery, they'll work for both.

But wait! Don't leave before the bonus round. While painting my gestapo I threw this monster on the painting line as well. This is "Kriegshunde" from the SuperFigs line that was produced for SuperSystem. He's really over the top, but I actually like the figure a lot although I wasn't able to quite get the paint on the forearms to look how I wanted. After three attempts I simply had to say "good enough."


Mathyoo said...

That is a great pile! I like the nazis and I got them "planned" as well. I like how elegant your solution with armbands is - we all know what it is supposed to mean!

As for Helmer - I think it fits great with iron-faced german komandant. Did you mean it means "helmet" in some foreign language or as in "I've made it up from helmet"?

Simon Q said...

Nice work like them all that last chap would make a great adversary for Captain America or something similar :D

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks! I like the murch models a lot! They have a lot if character and they're very easy to paint. I'll likely add more of the Gestapo guys next time I order from him.

According to google translate helmet in German is 'hemler'. Seemed appropriate enough to me

Obsidian3D said...

Oh for sure. He reminds me of Master Man from Marvel but with a cookie costume. I didn't paid the symbols on the armbands because I didn't think I could freehand something that small.

Kriegshunde has more of a lightning bolt on his sleeve, but you can still get a feel for what it is supposed to be. I'll have to make him an adversary now...

Stephen M said...

Quite the inspiring collection! That Construct figure next to zee good doctor is very cool! And who doesn't enjoy a good Nazi game?
Must resist the urge! Must resist! Weird War is pulling me in... Must resist!
I really need to paint more!

Obsidian3D said...

Cooler not cookie. F-ing autocorrect...

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks for the comments. You've got some great stuff in your blog. The pirate tile jungle adventure was particularly cool.