June 04, 2013

Trilogy Dreadball League: Season 2 Charter

League Overview:

Monthly round meetings will be held on the last Thursday of each month, from 6:30 to 9:00 pm at Trilogy Games. Regular league play will consist of six rounds. The dates for each round are:

Round 1: June 27th
Round 2: July 25th
Round 3: August 29th
Round 4: September 26th
Round 5: October 24th (in place of Halloween)
Round 6: November 28th

The championship tournament will be played on Sunday, December 8th. Registration will begin at 12:00 pm, the first round will begin at 1:00 pm. The tournament will be single-elimination, round-robin play consisting of a minimum of three rounds.


Entry to play in the league will be $30, which includes entry into the championship tournament. Prizing for the league will be provided by Trilogy Games. The number of prizes, levels of prizing and specific items will be determined by Trilogy Games after registration for the league has closed.

Coaches can register at the store any time on or before June 27th.

League Organization:

Players are encouraged to come to the round meetings each month. We will have a meeting at the beginning of each round which will take 15-30 minutes. Attendance at the meetings is not mandatory as long as the League Sponsor is notified of any MVP bids coaches wish to make in advance. 

All league game results must be reported before the next round meeting begins.

Round Meetings:

Round meetings will consist of the following:

Game/Team Value Reports – Game reports from the previous round match-ups must be reported to the league sponsor. Before match-ups can be set the current value of each team must also be double-checked and reported to the league sponsor. Coaches that fail to submit game reports or updated team values before or during the round meeting will lose one League Point each and will not be eligible to bid in the MVP auction.

Match-ups – Team match-ups for each round will be assigned by the league sponsor. The goal is to get teams to play as many other teams as possible during regular league play.

Underdog Bonuses – The difference in the team values will be calculated and underdog bonuses will be available to coaches for spending in the MVP auction. If the league game is played immediately, any underdog bonus remaining after the MVP auction can be used to hire Free Agents. Otherwise it is lost for the round.

MVP Auction – MVP's will be auctioned. Coaches who can’t attend in person can send their bid amounts to the league sponsor in advance who will act as a proxy for them at the round meeting. The MVP's available for the league will be chosen by the league sponsor before the first Round’s meeting, after all teams have been registered. The MVP pool will not change for the duration of the league. MVPs will not be available for use during the championship tournament.


Assigned Match-ups – Each round you will receive an assigned match-up to play before the next round. You and your opponent will need to figure out a time and place to play on your own. I hope most coaches will play their league match immediately after the round meeting.

Assigned match-up games are played for League Points. Teams will be awarded league points as detailed in the league rules, with one additional rule: Coaches that fail to report the results of a league game before or at the next round meeting will each lose one League Point.

Optional Games – After your assigned match-up game has been played and reported, any number of additional games can be played between league rounds. Each game per round must be played against a different coach. These games are played for fun, experience, credits, and/or team rating but DO NOT award League Points to your team. MVP's that were successfully hired during the round meeting may be used in the optional games if your opponent agrees. Free agents may be hired after using the underdog bonus rules.


1. Painted miniatures are NOT required, but are recommended.
2. Miniatures must be on hex bases and the front-facing edge must be visibly marked.
3. Miniatures must have a number in the range of 1-14 on the model or the base that matches the correct stat line on the roster.

Use of official Dreadball miniatures is not required, but is recommended. If other figures are used they are considered proxies and must adhere to the additional rules:

a) Your opponent must be informed of all proxy figures before the beginning of the match.
b) The models should be easily distinguishable as being one of the three player types by having a distinguishing paint job, pose, or by marking the base with an S, J, or G.

Cheerleaders/Coach Figures:

Cheerleaders, coach figures and their accompanying rules will not be used in the league.


Any season 1 or season 2 teams are allowed. You are responsible for having the rule book that contains the rules for your team available during your games. Note that human teams must use one of the two rules sets from season 1 OR season 2; they cannot be mixed together in the same roster.

Roster sheets must be kept up to date on an official roster page, be easily legible and accurate. Your opponent may request to see your roster sheet at any time. Any disputes about team value or player skills/stats should be brought to the attention of the league sponsor.

Playing games:

Games can be played immediately following the round meeting, or at a convenient time and place agreed upon by both coaches. For round matches no time restrictions will be in place. For tournament games a 60-minute time limit will be used. A chess-clock timing system might be used during tournament games, and will be determined before the first round of championship play begins.

Rules Disputes:

Rules disputes that come up in-game should be dealt with by referencing the official rule books and FAQ. If the league sponsor is available they can be asked to provide a ruling. Otherwise if the dispute is unable to be settled quickly, each person rolls a single d6 in a roll-off. The coach rolling the higher number decides the ruling. If a roll-off is used that ruling stands for the rest of the game. It should later be brought to the league sponsor for clarification.


Be a good sport. Be nice to your opponent, compliment good plays, laugh off misfortunes, and be patient. It’s a game and should be FUN win or lose, so don’t take it too seriously. Try to play smart and efficiently: don’t waste your opponent’s time. A game of Dreadball should never take more than 90 minutes to play. 

Don’t cheat. If you are caught cheating or displaying unsportsmanlike conduct, you will no longer be allowed to participate in the league or championship tournament, and your entry fee will be forfeited. This also applies to falsifying game result reports to the league sponsor, or colluding with other coaches for any reason.

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