September 07, 2013

Obsidian Fists (40k) - Second Tactical Squad Complete

My space marine chapter The Obsidian Fists are getting close to a strength of 1000 points. Most of the figures in my army come from the 4th and 5th edition starter boxes. The only real addition to those I've made are a chaplain and a devastator squad for heavy support. I also have the 6th edition starter box, but rather than doing Dark Angels I'll probably add them into my Obsidian Fists. It seems silly to start another space marine army...I have plenty of other models for other armies that I could and should work on instead.

Regardless of what I do with the Dark Angels, I just picked up two drop pods for less than 50% of retail. Those additions would push my roster up to 1500 points without too much trouble.

I'm only interested in having forces of around 1500 points or less, because I find anything much bigger than that to be a) WAY too expensive to collect, especially with GW's current prices, and b) cause the game to be longer than I enjoy. Games of around 1500 points just seem to be the 40k sweet spot for me...but that sadly precludes me from taking any allies unless I'm playing friendly games. Oh wait, that's exactly what I intend to do, so I'll just carry on doing whatever the hell I want!

Here's my second tactical squad.

The colours I used are simple. Black primer followed by GW mithril silver for the armor and Testors gloss blue for the contrast armour colour. I used GW Shining Gold and some Gore Red for interest colours and the odd splash of Bleached Bone and Gorthor Brown for pouches and purity seals. The whole thing was followed up with a wash of Badab Black. No highlighting was done on this squad.


Simon Quinton said...

Great looking squad. How big is the force you have now?

Obsidian3D said...

Point wise, or painted? The stuff that's painted is a measly two tactical squads and a dreadnought. I have a captain, chaplain, 5-man devastator team and a 6-man terminator squad ready for paint.