September 26, 2013

SuperSystem - Legion of Super Villains

More Heroclix conversions here. While looking through the figures I'd already converted, I realized that my character selection to date pretty much amounted to Alpha Flight exclusively. I've painted a few Pulp City models (heroes and villains starter boxes) from scratch, but no villains from either the Marvel or DC Comics universes. I decided that needed to be remedied.

I dug through my copious amount of Heroclix figures to find some interesting characters, not necessarily the best models, just characters that I thought would be fun to play with in games using SuperSystem rules. The three I chose were Lightning Lord, Cosmic King and Saturn Queen, because I want to start on a Legion of Superheroes batch soon and they will need villains to battle.

The sculpts on the figures are pretty good, and the paint work is actually decent, especially when you consider that they're mass produced. As usual I applied some washes to the figures, and this time also did some touching up and highlighting afterward. The faces are, like most of the clix, not great.

So here they are:

Cosmic King

Saturn Queen

Lightning Lord

The individual photos didn't turn out that great, but I think they actually look quite good on the table. See, they're literally on a table!


styx said...

Great work!

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks. I've been meaning to post these for almost two weeks now.