February 21, 2014

Gaming Round Up!

Man oh man I sooooo don't need to buy any new stuff, but I keep doing it anyway. On the plus side, I've actually been playing a bunch of my games.

Played my 2nd round exhibition match for our new Dreadball league. It was the Etherian Horde vs. the Broadstreet Bullies. Another game that went into OT, another win for me. I just can't earn enough cash to buy a seventh player, so I opted for another coaching die. Not a great investment, but it feels better than just having cash as part of my roster.

Wrapping up a week of work before the Family Day weekend, I wrangled some co-workers into a lunch-time game of Lords of Waterdeep. They all really enjoyed it, and I only won by 3 points! I'm looking forward to getting that game on the table again.

During the long weekend had the first game of AT-43 using my Cogs army box and a few boosters. We played 3000 points against Karmans. I'm considering adding a few more squads to my army, because having so many heroes in the two infantry units I do own makes for some really complicated mixed-unit planning.

Following the weekend I was able to meet up with Uncle Mike and James for a quick game of Kulten! My cult got their butts handed to them by James' deep one and retreated in the interest of survival. Uncle Mike will be posting a write up of the game over on Lead Adventure.

Also received my package of new stuff in the mail from Starlit Citadel:

- Okko base set and Karasu expansion
- Fortune and Glory
- expansions for Tsuro of the Seas and Escape: The Curse of the Temple
- the new Army Painter inks (blue, red, green and purple) and paint colours (Dragon Red, Hydra Turqoise)

I've been rather enjoying my work with constructing figures for Deadzone and Dreadball recently as well. I know a lot of people don't like the material but honestly I quite like it. It's very durable once glued together and I really don't feel like I need to worry about the figures when I tip them over. (I'll be posting my primed Enforcers and Plague figures soon...) The games themselves are also really good, so I started looking at more things in Mantic's catalogue.

It seems that the Dwarf King's Hold series had a very good reputation. The original box game, "Dead Rising", and the "Ancient Grudge" expansion are sadly out of print, so I had to resort to ebay for the first game but there was a (rather over-priced) copy of Ancient Grudge available at Sentry Box that I picked up the other day. I'll be submitting an order with Mantic's web store for "Green Rising" and the "Dungeon Monsters" expansions soon. (I need to pick up the Dreadball multi-player board anyway...)

On that same shopping trip I also acquired a copy of Mantic's Project Pandora (jeez everything that I've got from Mantic was created by that Jake Thornton guy). More stuff that'll fit in with Deadzone / Dreadball. Oh yeah...and Dreadball Xtreme just started up on Kickstarter this morning...so I'm in for that one too.

Finally I ran our Star Trek: Attack Wing event for Month 5 of the Dominion War. The venue hadn't yet received their event pack but we had four players and so played our games anyway. I ran a two-ship Federation fleet to try out my new USS Sutherland ship. The list was as follows:

USS Sutherland w/ Picard, Engage and Feint
- Montgomery Scott
- Quantum Torpedoes
- Secondary Torpedo Launcher
- Independent Flagship

USS Enterprise D w/ Data and Disobey Orders
- Photon Torpedoes
- Miles O'Brien
- Hikaru Sulu

Strike Force Admiral's Order

I was having trouble simply remembering all the stuff going on in my games, and thus neglected to snap any pictures whatsoever. There should be some more gaming going on during the weekend, so I'll endeavour to make up for it then!


styx said...

Busy busy....gaming for me has been the opposite...mostly painting, painting...no gaming!

Obsidian3D said...

I've not done much painting in a few weeks. For some reason I got it into my head to try to build as MANY models as I could by the 28th. If memory serve I think I put together 62 figures