February 20, 2014

SuperFigs Painted - Shredder and Foot Ninja

In the last year I have picked up a few items from the SuperFigs line from a local shop. They're inexpensive, generally characterful sculpts and overall quite easy to paint. There are two packs of ninja figures out there, but I was only able to find one locally. Being a child of the 80s I immediately wanted to make warriors from the Foot clan (that's from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for those not in the know) out of them!

As I've mentioned about some other figures, the sculpting isn't great, especially in the hands. However the detail is pronounced enough that it makes the models very easy to paint. They are also all one-piece sculpts which means no construction. I like figures that I don't have to put together!

The paint colours:

- 2:1 mix of GW Codex Grey and black for the clothes
- GW Elf Flesh for all of the skin
- Codex Grey for the handles of the weapons
- GW Fortress Grey for the undergarment sticking out of the jacket
- 1:3 mix of Liche Purple and Fortress Grey for the purple
- Gorthor Brown for the straps and belts
- GW Boltgun Metal for all the metal (shocking I know)
- GW Mephiston Red for the ribbons

Naturally these fellows would need a leader: The Shredder! While not an accurate representation, "Dark Avenger" figure suited the purpose well. He had some spiky bits on his armour already so I chopped up some spines from my Tyranid bits and glued them to his hands for the finishing touch. Once I painted him up to match the ninja warriors he definitely looked the part.

I did some looking around online for references for the Foot clan insignia and found two different versions. The one I remember is the actual foot print which was usually on the trooper's foreheads. The other one looks more like a stylized version of Shredder's helmet. Neither one of them really excited me, so I decided not to put the insignia on the figures at all. With the red ribbons I don't think they really miss out on anything for not having it.

I'm looking to pick up the Mantic coach figure that looks like Splinter but haven't seen one locally for a little while. I'm not sure what I'll use for April O'Neill and Casey Jones either, but I'm sure I'll find something.

Now if only I could track down the old Dark Horse 25mm TMNT figures!


Simon Quinton said...

To be honest I think the issue with hands comes from comics and cartoons that a lot of these figures are based on.

I think they look excellent I wish my LGS has these sort of ranges to pick and choose from.

So where are the Mean and Green fellas?

styx said...

Great work! Love to see figs like this! I was going to tease you where your post was! I was about to drop some hero/villain figs I am finishing....

Obsidian3D said...

I've been checking around for the old Dark Horse figures once in a while but haven't seen a good price on a set. I'll just have to stay patient.

Obsidian3D said...

I took these pictures late at night and didn't bother with decent lighting. They actually look better in person.

Anonymous said...

These are cool. Your Shredder proxy works just fine too.

Good luck finding the TMNT figures. I would love a set in 28/30mm.

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks. :) I'm going to keep looking, maybe I'll find a set someday.