March 18, 2014

I Forgot About These!

With spring rapidly approaching I started cleaning up around the house, and happened upon a pile of stuff I ordered way back last fall. I ordered these with the plan to use them as a basis for some 3D models that I could animate. I haven't yet got a 3D scanner, so that's likely why they were piled up in a corner and forgotten.

Looking to maximize space (and have some fun), I set about opening them all so that I could give them a nice spot on my shelf together somewhere. I've never purchased any Diamond Select toys before and I have to say that they're very nice! I'm sadly one piece short (I think?) of having a complete Atlantis stargate. :(

The two characters I'd really like to add to my collection seem to be very difficult (or at least expensive) to find. Rodney is reported a short-packed figure, and I think he came with one of the gate pieces I'm missing. Ronon was a Previews exclusive, so it's extremely unlikely I'll find one. I'm certainly not willing to pay $100+ for one.

Nonetheless, these look pretty good on the shelf. I'll keep a watch around for the two missing SGA characters, and I might even expand my collection to the original SG-1 team. I'm in no hurry at the moment however, but if you have stuff you'd like to part with, feel free to let me know!

Makes me start thinking that I should do some work on my 28mm Stargate project...all those primed Jaffa need some paint.

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