March 27, 2014

Star Trek Attack Wing - Dominion War Concludes

Last night we played our Star Trek: Attack Wing month 6 Dominion War event at Trilogy Games. After a quieter month 4 and 5 we returned to a full six-player group to close out the series. I had double-checked all of the previous month results to make sure that there were no mistakes, but before we got started I opted to keep those standings hidden, in order to add a little drama to the event.

The truth is there was one player way out front, and I was the only player with a chance to catch him. For that to have happened however he would have had to lose all three rounds, and I would have to win all of mine and I knew that just wasn't going to happen.

All that aside, the turnout was very good and I think everyone had a great time. I played a revised Dominion list, which I had come up with the day before to play against Teri in a preview game of the upcoming "Tholian Web" scenario. You'll have to keep an eye her YouTube channel for that video, and while you're waiting you can check out all of her other excellent Attack Wing videos!

Breen Dissipator Fleet (99 points):

- Rav Laerst w/ Thot Pran and two Energy Dissipators
- Gor Portas w/ Thot Gor, Energy Dissipator and Photon Torpedoes
- Hideki Class Fighter Squadron

The first time I played this fleet I had only one dissipator on the Rav Laerst, with Boheeka and Invaluable Advice instead. The situational nature of those two cards helped me get a energy disruption token out, but it was an expensive way to do it. Thot Pran already allows a re-roll when using the dissipator, so I dropped those two cards in favour of a second dissipator. The Gor Portas originally had the Breen Aide on it, but I had to make room for the second weapon on the Rav Laerst and he was the only thing left to cut.

Game 1 was up against a 3-ship Klingon fleet of Chang, Gowron and Martok. Things started out a little shaky as I flew the Gor Portas too close to the station and took some shield damage. During some of the early shooting the Gor Portas was destroyed by Gowron. We forgot that he would get to shoot back before being removed from the table, which likely would have been the turning point. My remaining two ships were able to destroy Chang and Martok, but I simply couldn't take Gowron down in the time allotted. If I had remembered to fire back with my Gor Portas, I likely would have successfully disrupted his ship, as I was in range and he was uncloaked!

Game 2 put me up against the Sutherland and Defiant. There was some crazy defence dice shenanigans going on with the Grissom-commanded Defiant, nine dice or something like that! I had very good initial maneuvering and was able to drop an EDT on the Sutherland, dropping Sisko's shields and making him unable to attack. I forgot to follow up with my free attack, but the Hideki fighter squadron's 7 attack dice at close range did the job anyway. It took a bit of cat and mouse work, but with the Defiant outnumbered 3-to-1 I was able to make short work of it in a few rounds, taking no losses.

Game 3 saw me facing off against another Klingon fleet. Worf, Gowron and Martok appeared again, but this time Gowron was oddly captaining the uncloakable Somraw. Some poor maneuvering slowed me down a bit and I ended up taking more damage than I'd have liked. Both Worf and Gowron suffered from EDTs, while I sent the fighters after Martok who made an attempt for the station. Not realizing he couldn't beam down while his cloak was up left him vulnerable to well...death. With Martok out of the picture it was a short mop up to clear the field.

So far I have really enjoyed my Breen fleet and might play it again in the future. I made a few minor mistakes with range limitations on the fighters, and have to keep in mind that the energy dissipators don't roll a bonus die for short range, which does make them tough to hit with. On the other hand they are devastating when successful. I realized after the event that I could have easily protected myself from DS9 by hitting it with an EDT, as it can't perform the 1-white maneuver required to remove it!

To finish up here I just want to extend my thanks to Trilogy for providing the prize kits and hosting the events at their shop. Thanks as well to all the local players who came out to join in the events. Finally, huge congratulations to Lewis, the winner of the whole Dominion War organized play event!

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