May 10, 2014

Deadzone - Mercenaries Constructed

Another batch of figures finished (building) for Deadzone from Mantic Games. This time I was working on the assorted mercenaries. I haven't put any basing materials on these or primed them yet. I'll do that when I finish building the last few Marauders I'll do them all together.

I'll start with two figures that I'm not that enthralled with: Doctor Simmonds and Freya.

Although very easy to put together, neither of these sculpts are really standouts to me. The poses are mediocre to boring, and I'm not all that interested in the characters themselves. Perhaps my opinion will improve after I paint them and give them a try in-game. I did notice in my picture that Freya still has some flash I need to remove...

Next up are some middle-of-the-road figures: Nastanza the Twilight Huntress and Project Oberon.

Project Oberon is a pretty interesting idea for a character, but I think I might give his upper body a slight twist to get his pointing arm off axis with the rest of his figure. It's a minor detail but I feel it would make him look more dynamic. Nastanza looks pretty decent, but I've found it difficult to trim off the flash from the Mantic Asterian figures without chopping off the tips of their tiny little pointy ears. A minor quibble, but there nonetheless.

I really like Recon Unit N32-19, the Survivor and Blaine.

I'm really not sure why I like these three characters so much. They were easy to put together and both look like they have been caught in motion. That alone is probably enough, so I'll go with that.

My favourite looking figure was also the worst figure to build so far: Wrath.

Great looking, lots of detail, and a Judwan assassin...what's not to like. The f-ing construction, that's what. The pegs and holes on this figure make no sense, there are tons of little bits that seemingly have no rhyme or reason and the injection points on several parts are exactly where the pegs are so when you trim them...well good luck. I had to look up instructions from two different places online just to figure out how it should look when it was finished. I very nearly gave up on this one in frustration but I'm glad I didn't. If I had to do it all over again though, I might reconsider.

"Yaaaarggh, get to de choppah!"

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