May 09, 2014

Star Trek Attack Wing - Least Thematic Tholian Web Build Ever

"The Dominion War" has concluded and people are ramping up for "The Collective." In the meantime there are still battles to be fought. The current OP event is a one-off based on the original series episode "The Tholian Web." I've already played through the scenario once and had a good idea of what to expect.

We were supposed to play our scenario a few days ago at Trilogy Games but were unable to get the event kit. I had wanted to use my new Bajoran scout ships and Federation fighters in an event, which led me to the following list:

Bajoran/Federation (100pts):

- Akorem w/ Kira Nerys & Blockade, Day Kannu and Li Nalas (30pts)
- Bajoran Scout Ship w/ Tahna Los & I Am Kohn-Ma and secret (25pts)
- Defiant class w/ Clark Terell and Positron Beam (25pts)
- Federation Attack Fighters (20pts)

I didn't expect this list to accomplish a lot, except buzzing around my opponents like insects. With Terell and Kira I'd have to try to fly formation to benefit from those bonuses. On the other hand, I'd have to do some fancy flying to stay out of my opponent's arc of fire because the ships are all very fragile.

Until the regular-release Bajoran expansion comes out in a few waves, it's not possible to do a full 100-point Bajoran fleet (nor do I really think it would be any good). I picked up my wave 4 ships a few weeks ago and expected to see a lot of Borg spheres for this event, as their movement really lends itself to the ever-decreasing map. There's simply no way that my little ships can survive against the monster firepower of the Borg, but I was going to fly these anyway.

I expected to see antimatter and cloaked mines being used by a lot of players for this event, if you weren't playing Borg. I'm a little sad I didn't have a chance to try it out with the Tholian Web, but I'll be keeping it in reserve for another time in the future!

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