July 04, 2014

A Little AT-43

I've been filling out armies and adding more to my growing collection of AT-43 miniatures. Last weekend I picked up some Red Blok models and a few army books from another local gamer. Also included in that batch of stuff were some UNA Death Dealer TacArms. I quite like the TacArm models, but had never seen the Death Dealers and was keen to give them a try!

One of the things that I had trouble wrapping my head around was the army structures being different for each faction. So I decided that I'd sit down and put together a list using the Death Dealer TacArms platoon structure, which is as follows:

! Unit of Death Dealer TacArms
• Unit of soldiers (*/**)
• Unit of soldiers (*/**)
• Unit of striders (**)
• Unit of striders (**)

Deciding on 1500AP netted me a platoon of 3x Death Dealer TacArms, 9x Steel Troopers w/ grenades and two missile launchers, 2x Fire Toads with Captain Newton commanding, and 9x Wing Troopers with a Master Sergeant.

Rick decided to play UNA as well, choosing the "M.Ind" platoon structure to give him more vehicles on the table. The AFV units in his army all had the repair ability. That proved to be a very good choice, as my army simply wasn't packing the firepower to take out vehicles in a single shot without me being very lucky.

Luck wouldn't be on my side this game either. My death dealers became disorganized early in the game after losing two of their numbers to weapons fire from the one of the Fire Toad units. Failing his morale check the remaining one left the field. I landed a few lucky hits with my own Fire Toad unit taking out one of them, and that was about as good as it got.

I landed a few lucky hits on the opposing TacArms with my Steel Troopers, was quickly decimated once I lost my second fire toad. I surrendered to save the lives of my remaining infantry. A good commander should always place the lives of his men first, right?

Overall I still really enjoyed the game and am looking forward to playing again (hopefully soon). I've got some more ONI on the way and hope to fill out my Cogs and Red Blok further as well. I'll update again when I have more to share on those...

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