July 03, 2014

Star Trek: Attack Wing - Don't Fear the Bajorans

Second OP "The Arena" event at Sentry Box. This time we had four players total, three of them being the same folks from last week's event at Trilogy.

Shane's fleet was a three-ship Federation list using the new Spock captain card. Lewis was playing Romulans and Bill was also playing Federation (as per usual). Me, once again I did the unexpected (or perhaps just foolish) and took a pure 100pt Bajoran fleet. Yeah you heard me: Bajorans!

Here's the list if you can't read the text in the photo:

- Akorem w/ Kira & Militia, Li Nalas and Neela
- Bajoran Scout Ship w/ Tahna Los and Feedback Pulse
- Interceptor 5 w/ Hazar & Blockade
- Bajoran Interceptor w/ Lenaris Holem and Phaser Strike

So I bet you're wondering how it went aren't you? Well, it went almost exactly as you would expect.

Round 1 was against Shane and amazingly I won the captain's battle. I mixed up two of his ships however and ended up focusing my fire on the wrong one. I had already done damage to his Intrepid class, and switching to a different target meant I would fall short of destroying any of his ships. At least I scored 60-points for my captains surviving...

Round 2 was against Bill and this one did not go well. I was wiped out on the planet and then further crushed with all of my ships getting returned to the board with skill-1 captains.

Round 3 was against Lewis' Romulans and I actually was able to destroy the Valdore, but her captain has already beamed to the planet. The side-boarding in of a skill-7 Romulan Commander just before the start of the battle was a death knell for my captains. Again I lost the battle and got placed on the board with three skill-1 ships. I made a few surprising maneuvers to mess up Lewis' plans a bit, but I simply couldn't roll enough attack dice to take out any further ships.

There are some interesting cards and strategy with the Bajorans, but their lack of shielding, low hull and 2-attack is really pitiful. There are a few combos you could pull off to net a few 5- or 6-die attacks, but it requires really fancy flying and no disruptions to your plans. While I had fun with the fleet, I'd almost certainly never play it again.

On the plus side I won the die roll for the second Gorn ship. So now that I have two true Independent faction ships (both Gorn, I missed out on the Tholians) I'd really like to put together an Independent fleet list. Maybe I'll talk about that more after I pick up the Maquis raider booster from the Collective events.


styx said...

For Bajor!

Obsidian3D said...

Um...vote for Gorn?

The Bajorans obviously have no chance of taking care of things themselves...