August 27, 2014

BAM! POW! ZAP! More Superhero Figures...

Ok I admit that comics have evolved their use of onomatopoeia well beyond the words in my title these days. They just don't read or flow as well though, which leads me to the above simple representations. Since they serve little purpose other than to get you to read my post however, let's just move on shall we?

The first figure here is a Reaper Bones golem figure, painted up as the Hulk. I can't take credit for the paint work on this guy, as it was given to me by Uncle Mike (creator of Strange Aeons). I touched up a few minor spots on the purple areas, based him to match my other super hero figures and called it done. Thanks Uncle Mike!

I have another of these figures, which I am now tempted to paint up as a grey or red Hulk just for fun. It should be pretty easy to do, just a matter of when.

Anyone who has read my blog for a while, or even likely in passing, will know that I am quite fond of Alpha Flight. There are quite a few nicely done Heroclix figures available, which I've slowly been repainting and re-basing for use in SuperSystem. I've got three more to add here.

Box - Almost a complete repaint. I cut off the mould lines, recoated all of the red areas and applied some blacks and greys around the figure to add interest. I used some P3 Armour Wash on the metallic areas and then applied a GW Mithril Silver as a highlight. Finally I repainted the yellow visor.

Wild Child - Not one of my favourite characters, but useful as an analog to Wolverine. This figure has a pretty good sculpt and pose, but the face is certainly lacking in details. I didn't bother to strip the paint from this one, although I did consider it. I repainted the black, purple and flesh and followed it up with some GW Leviathan Purple and P3 Flesh washes. The paint on the hair is pretty thick, but I added some detail as best I could. Turned out pretty well I think. I had trouble getting a decent photo of this guy.

The final figure I has in mind was Northstar to add to my Alpha Flight roster. I'd already done an Aurora and was very happy with her. While the figure WizKids had done of Northstar mirrored Aurora's pose, he was done in the red and white costume rather than the original black and white. I decided this would be a good time to try stripping the paint from a clix and see how it turned out.

I was quite surprised at how much actual detail there was on the figure after I'd removed the paint. The disappointment with this figure was two-fold. 1) When I tried to cut some of the mould lines off, the rubbery material simply shredded, and, 2) there was some sculpted detail in his costume that I wouldn't be able to remove like I'd planned.

The band on his upper left arm reminded me of the gestapo troopers I'd painted some time ago, and so I ended up with this:

Zyklon - This guy will be another member of the Crime Syndicate alongside Kriegshunde and The Mist from the SuperFigs line. I think it turned out pretty well. The downside to this conversion is that I still have to find a figure to use as Northstar. In my first pass through the paint work, I actually painted a white circle and the symbol that goes inside it on the arm band, but although very striking, I ultimately felt to be in very poor taste. So I painted over that and decided to try the cross on his chest instead. I think it looks much better, gives focus to the figure and will prove far less distasteful to anyone who happens to see this guy in my collection.


Robert Audin said...

Nice work on these heroclixs.

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks :)