August 25, 2014

Quick AT-43 Report

I realize I haven't posted much in the last little while. I've got several things written out, but haven't taken the pictures to go with them. One group of items has been waiting on flocking to be done for several weeks and I've simply not bothered to sit down for the 10 minutes I'd need to finish that.

However, I did have a chance to play a game of AT-43 last night, UNA vs Red Blok. We decided to play on the maps from the starter box, using two put together to give us some corridors and opportunities to use some close combat troopers. I had brought my Red Blok army box with a few other bits stuffed in, which turned out to be a good thing.

With the close quarters of the maps I wouldn't be able to use the Dotch Yaga, as it wouldn't even be able to enter the map, let alone be able to move anywhere. So I swapped it out for a Nakovalny and another smaller squad of Kastnye Soldaty. If memory serves my list was:

- Urod w/ Odin & Manon
- Nakovalny
- 12x Kastnye Soldaty w/ medic, mechanic and 3 grenade launchers
- 8x Dragonov Kommandos w/ sniper
- 8x Kastnye Soldaty w/ medic, mechanic and a rocket launcher

My opponent was using the M.Ind platoon pattern and had two pairs of Fire Toads, two squads of Shock TacArms and a squad of Shock Troopers. After losing almost my entire 8-man soldaty squad to flamethrower fire I made it a priority to get rid of those as soon as possible.

I pulled back and used my AFVs to keep the fire toads at bay while my infantry focused on the enemy infantry. With some lucky sniping and grenade fire I whittled the UNA down to the two squads of Fire Toads. However, I was then left with two infantry squads that couldn't actually hurt the Fire Toads other than with the sniper.

Urod took out one unit of Fire Toads, but was cut off from the soldaty mechanic and had to rely on Odin and Manon's repair ability to keep it in the fight. The nakovalny had taken some serious damage and retreated around to meet up with said mechanic. While Urod and the kommando sniper tried to do some damage to the remaining fire toads Urod was destroyed.

It was getting late and I was down to two infantry squads and my nakovalny, vs a single pair of fire toads. We called it a draw in the interest of time, as playing it out would have taken quite a while. With the fire toads repairing each other I would have needed to roll very luckily with my sniper and AFV over several turns to win. Quite likely those fire toads would have been able to stomp my infantry and outlast me.

Overall it was good fun. I took some damage early on that made me rethink my strategy, and my opponent said it was cool to use some close combat units he likely wouldn't have on a more open table. I enjoyed my first experience commanding a Red Blok army too.

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