October 06, 2014

Board Games and Lantern Clix

I haven't had much time for hobby and gaming lately. Well, perhaps that's not true. It might be more of a case time and motivation not aligning for me.

Our Dreadball league recently started up, but I've only played one game. Without a set schedule it's up to the players to arrange their own games. While I can understand why that is being tried, I'm unconvinced that it will work. I have a feeling that I'll have to be the one contacting other players in order to play the games I need to for the league, and in all likelihood most players won't finish this one. That'll be a shame, because the game really is a good one.

I should have some photos of my team (The Keldorian Krushers) posted this week, as I'm almost finished them. I just have some highlighting and numbers to add and they'll be all finished.

In an effort to cross some games off of my waiting-to-be-played list I invited a bunch of folks over yesterday. It was a short-notice invitation. Things were looking good for a 3 or 4-player turnout, but once again it ended up being just William and I. That meant a few things like Sons of Anarchy wouldn't make it to the table.

All was not lost however, as we did make our way through two of my newer games: Firefly the Game, and Sentinel Tactics.

We set up Firefly and cranked through the rules during the game. There were a few things we had to dig around the book for, but overall it went pretty smoothly. We played the "First time in the captain's chair" mission, which is recommended for new players. I have both expansions for the game and have mixed them all in, but we ignored any of the piracy or showdown cards for the sake of not messing with each other.

I neglected to take any photos, so you'll have to enjoy this random shot I pulled from the internet...

Our game lasted a little under two hours. We both started out doing a few legal jobs to get solid with Amnon Duul and Harken, then tried our hand at some illegal work requiring some misbehaving. William's job was harder, requiring him to complete three cards. He swam through that easily, but ended up getting hit by Reavers on his way to drop off his fugitives. I only had to misbehave once to pick up my contraband, but I had to try three times, losing a crew member each of the first two attempts.

Once I had my contraband I was able to make a quick delivery for a nice pile of cash and nab my second goal marker. I was only one space away from Ezra after that and moseyed over to win the game.

I definitely enjoyed it and am looking forward to playing through it again soon. It captures the feeling of the show very nicely and is a pretty fun game on top of all that.

Next up was Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom. Again, I hadn't read the rules ahead of time, so we learned as we played. Even though we made a few mistakes and had a few questions, the game played quite quickly. The basics are simple to learn, but I can see the learning curve being fairly high for new players, or players using unfamiliar characters for the first time.

The components are nice, and we were using the miniatures instead of the tokens for the characters. While not great, I think painted up and based (I'll be using 30mm round bases for most figures) they'll really look good.Who knows when I'll actually tackle that painting project...

William had also picked up some Heroclix stuff for me. I'm a big fan of Green Lantern, so he supplied me with the War of the Light scenario pack and all of the various lantern packs. While I haven't played clix in years, I'll have to track down the maps listed in the scenario packs so that I can give them a go. I've already collected up all the figures I have for each of the myriad Corps., so I can start repainting and/or converting them to my liking.

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