October 29, 2014

Exiles Repaints For "Power Legion"

I have a lot of Heroclix figures. Hundreds I'm sure. I don't actively play any more, but I do pick up extras from the current sets from my friends when I'm able. Most of these figures I'm showing off here are older ones from my collection. William provided me with a couple of newer ones like Sasquatch and Hyperion, so that I could do some conversions for an Exiles team to use with the SuperSystem v3 rules.

This group has been in the works for a while now. We actually played a game using unmodified 'clix several months ago, which is what gave me the idea to jump in on the conversions. The first figure I painted was Heather Hudson: Sasquatch. You've seen this one before but since she's part of the team, here she is again.

The other two Exiles we used were Nocturne and Blink. Both of these clix are actually very nicely sculpted and painted. I rebased them on 30mm rounds, and didn't do any initial paint cleanup on Nocturne. I added some detailing to Blink and painted her skin a little lighter shade of pink. I know there is a newer Blink figure, but it's terrible compared to this one.

Of all the Exiles figures available Mimic and Morph are probably the worst sculpts. Mimic's proportions are not great, and the face sculpt is pretty weak. I decided not to mount him using a flight stand and drilled a hole in the base for the peg on his foot. I also had to cut off some mould lines, and repaint before shading and highlighting.

Morph's biggest issues are his extended leg (it's way too long), and the fact that his foot peg makes him point straight up. To make him more forward-facing I created some rubble on a base and glued him to that. He got the same mould line removal as Mimic before I touched up the paint work.

I was a little torn on which Hyperion figure to use, but after William provided me with his extra King Hyperion I was sold. The older figure sculpt looks a little too Superman-like and fits nicely into the Squadron Supreme era, whereas this one is accurate to the Exiles series. I chopped down the clear plastic representing his flight so that he didn't tower over everyone else. A few minor touch-ups and he was done.

Lastly is one of my favourite clix sculpts ever: Spider-Man 2099 from the Fantastic Forces set. The whole set was great, but this figure is particularly awesome. His base is great and the paint work needed almost no work. After I removed him from the clix base I built up a little rubble so that he could also face more forward than down. I touched up the red and then put a coat of varnish over everything except the webbing. Like the rest of the figures, I did some highlights on the dark blue after the varnish coat.

When I started working on these figures it was with the intent of using them for SuperSystem, which I might still do. However, I recently bought the new Power Legion rule book from Ganesha Games, and am very excited to try it out. I've started putting together some Exiles profiles, and will have to come up with a scenario to play. Maybe I can try something lopsided and have a bunch of them face off against a high powered King Hyperion!

Until then here's the whole team.


Simon Quinton said...

Lovely work on them all. I loved the look of Blink in X-men Days of Future Past. I'm not into the comics so had no idea of how many different looks there where for the characters until I started doing some research.

Top job!

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks for the feedback. I keep looking at the Knight models 35mm stuff and wishing the Heroclix looked nearly as good, but when a single figure costs around $20, I convince myself that my repainted clix are just fine. :)

PMMDJ said...

Excellent work. Exiles is a great team to use in a number of games.

Roy Madill said...

Nice job on the repaints. I agree that 2099 spidey is one of the best sculpts they've made in Heroclix. I can't believe you used that Hyperion SR? Isn't he a prime too? $$$

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks. They definitely have a lot of flexibility for being used in all those 'what if?' Style of scenarios! :(

Obsidian3D said...

I honestly have no idea, because I don't know what a prime is. All I knew was that he was a SR.