March 24, 2015

"Holy Fancy Toys Batman!" - BMG Products Arrive

Last week I received two packages of stuff for the Batman Miniature Game. The first package ordered was actually the second to arrive. I already talked about these items a few weeks ago.

For those not in the know, the VAT (value added tax) is a whopping 21% on orders direct from Knight Models. That makes the purchase price for these figures very high after factoring in the exchange from CAD to Euros. If you order enough stuff you don't have to pay shipping, but it's still a kick in the wallet for those folks on a limited budget. (I promise this will be the last time I grouse about the price. The products are good, so now it's up to you to decide whether they're worth the cost or not.)

When my package arrived I was rather deflated to find that the exclusive Red Hood Joker figure was not included with my pre-order. I sent an email to KM's customer service email and received a reply within twelve hours, apologizing for the mistake and promising to send out the missing figure. Hopefully it will arrive soon, but I did appreciate the speedy reply.

The rule book looks amazing however so I recommend picking a copy up. As nice as the free rules are these are better, and there are some substantial differences upon my first read through them. While KM has said they will update the free rules at some point, there's no delivery date on when that will happen. You can certainly get started with the game basics with those but at some point you'll want the updated rules!


Thankfully I found a Canadian distributor who offers some good value on Knight Models products. Shipping prices are also much more reasonable being within the same country. I actually received my first package of BMG goodness from them several days before my KM pre-order showed up. Endalyon doesn't have a web store that I know of, but is easily found on the official game forums. Tell him I sent you!

To add some more options to my heroic team builds I purchased the members of the Birds of Prey: Huntress, Black Canary and Batgirl.

I really enjoyed my first experience playing with the League of Assassins, so I picked up all of the available characters, except film Scarecrow and Bane. Nyssa and Arkham Ra's look rather tricky to put together. I'll have to tackle those models when I'm having a good day!

Finally, we are talking about Batman here so I knew I needed to add Joker's crew to my gaming experience sooner rather than later.

Even with all of these great toys in my possession, it seems that all of the factions need some low cost options to fill out their crew lists so they aren't wasting points. With that in mind I'll have to acquire some police officers and Blackgate prisoners to use for that purpose.


Rather than get stuck in on all these wonderful heroes and villains I decided to start working on the objective markers, sewers and lamp posts. I don't expect they'll take much longer to complete, and will post them all for viewing here as soon as I get them finished up!


Simon Quinton said...

Awesome! I am starting out in the game as well this month. Starting with a small penguin crew for now.

Obsidian3D said...

It certainly seems to be the 'it' game right now. In my opinion that's a good thing because, aside from Heroclix, there really are no licensed tabletop games from the comic genre. Of course you have Pulp City, Power Legion and SuperSystem, but nothing official for stuff like Marvel and DC.

I've struggled to find my spot in miniature gaming because comics truly are my first love when it comes to genre. With Batman I hope to have a big world to explore for a long time.

I'll be watching your progress with Penguin with interest. I think he has a lot of options, and the models for that crew look great.