March 22, 2015

Superheroes in Red (Mostly)

While I wait for the arrival of all my stuff from the Kickstarter campaign for Pulp City Supreme Edition I decided to give the v1 rules another look. For that I'd need to paint some more figures. Way back when I painted my starter sets, I found that the person I got my figures from had shorted me on several models I'd paid for. One of which was the level 3 hero, Solar. Not being able to play a full battle with both of my starter sets was remedied when I painted Deadeye and his vigilantes.

All the rest of the Pulp City figures I received had come in their boxes except Fright Train and Night Fright. If I were going to grow the villain's ranks I realized that I'd need to round out my heroes to match, so I picked the Crimson Oni / Foxxy Blade pack and laid them all out on my painting table.

It was fully my intention to paint the villains before doing the heroes. However, once I got a closer look and realized both 'Frights' would need some assembly, the heroes ended up reaching the finish line first.

The dynamism of the sculpt on Crimson Oni really impressed me. What impressed me even more was to find out that he was a one piece model. I love one piece models, especially when they have this kind of detail on them. The paint work here was ridiculously simple.

Of course this was all going on while I was working on the Deadeye pack. Crimson Oni was painted at almost the same time, just requiring a highlighting pass. I think the paint colours were:

- GW Tallarn Flesh, Mephiston Red, Fortress Grey, Boltgun Metal and Sepia wash
- P3 Coal Black, Menoth White Highlight & Arcane Blue

The highlighting after the sepia wash was done with the red and arcane blue, followed by a tiny touch of Mithril Silver and Trollblood grey. I'm sure if you look at the photo you can figure out where I used each colour.

Foxxy Blade took a little more work. Her sword arm is a separate piece, which I briefly considered trying to pin. The drill bits I have for my pin-vice are too big for such delicate work however. I opted to go with super glue only, followed by some green stuff to cement and blend the join.

In the other hand she's holding a tiny sai which looks a little goofy. It was also bent a bit, which I remedied with a tiny bit of pressure and patience. Mold lines on both figures were minimal, easily removed with a quick pass of my rounded hobby file.

She turned out quite a bit darker blue than I intended due to the GW Asurmen Blue wash I put over the blue jumpsuit. The details on her jumpsuit are fine enough that I didn't trust myself to go back over again without making a mess of things.

To be honest, this is a figure I likely wouldn't have purchased if she were sold on her own. She does have a pretty cool vibe however, and I think she turned out well. She doesn't exactly match up that well with Crimson Oni, who I think is a much more interesting figure.

On the positive side, they will fit nicely into Pulp City and other super hero gaming, but should also slot seamlessly into games I might play with Power Legion or A Fistful of Kung-Fu by Ganesha Games.

Speaking of martial arts gaming, I've had this figure sitting on a shelf with some other SuperFigs for quire some time. I can't recall what the actual character's name is. Seeing as she was based and primed, and I was painting martial artists anyway, I tossed her into the painting queue. I thought about putting a blindfold on her so that she could be Jinx from "G.I.Joe" but elected not to.

I used a much lighter flesh colour than on Crimson Oni. The paint choices were pretty similar as well. Now that she's finished I thought that I could use her in games of Pulp City as a sidekick to Oni or Foxxy.

Last up is Talisman for my Alpha Flight project. With her finished that only leaves me with Vindicator, Heather Hudson. Talisman is simply a repainted Dawnstar from Heroclix with the wings removed. I think she fits the bill perfectly, although I do wish she had smaller hands. Now that I've mentioned her man-hands, that's likely all any of you will see!


styx said...

Very nice work, Taliasman and Oni are really sharp, did a good job on the detail.

Simon Quinton said...

Nice work they all look great :)

Obsidian3D said...

I considered giving Oni's skin another highlight pass, but decided against it.

Obsidian3D said...