April 19, 2015

Calgary Dreadball League - Match Report

I just realized that I haven't been posting my match reports for the CDBL season 2 games played by my Keldoran Krushers. I'll make sure to provide some pictures for the next one, but in the meantime here's the round 4 match report:

Monsters vs. Monkeys

The Krushers hosted the Dread Monkeys in an early Sunday game. The Zee team was firmly the underdog and used their substantial bonus to hire a Nameless guard and Nightshade to help their efforts. The Krushers struck first, scoring a 2 point strike in the 5th rush.  In the 8th, Nightshade snatched up a loose ball and landed a 3-point strike in response. The fans at Krusher Kolliseum watched in stoic silence. Apparently the Dread Monkey fans all elected to stay at home for this one...

The cheeky little monkeys attempted to swarm the pitch several times, but the ever-vigilant refbot caught them red-handed every time. Test Subjects 3, 5 and 8 were all ejected from the game.

A last-ditch play in the 13th rush by Krusher's jack Bobby (#5) had the Dread Monkeys a little nervous, but he was unable to double the grab on a loose ball to make a scoring attempt. The Dread Monkeys would take a 1-point victory over the Krushers in a very entertaining, but surprisingly bloodless affair.

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