April 24, 2015

Pulp City - Night Fright and Doom Train

Welcome back for more insanity from the world of Pulp City! This time it's a pair of villains from the Necroplane.

When I received these figures Night Fright's board was glued down flat to an untextured base; not exactly an inspiring presentation for such a great looking figure. I wanted to make him look like he was flying, which meant removing "Leech" from his super-glue prison without damaging him and finding the right base to achieve the effect.

I chose one of the resin bases I had in my bits box. I'm actually not sure who made it, but there are a few casting errors and bubbles on it if you look really closely. They're of little notice now that it's all finished. The angle of the wreckage on the one side had enough surface area that I thought I'd be able to glue part of the board down to it. I drilled a hole in the base, another hole completely through the board, and finally a small one into Night Fright's foot. With some luck my plan would provide the model with plenty of stability yet look airborne.

I glued the pin, board and Night Fright together, keeping the base separate so that I could paint the model before joining it to the base. My basing plan worked, and the board looks like it's hovering over the ground. Score a hobby point for me! It'll still need to be handled with some care yet it feels as solid as it can being connected in this way.

For his colour scheme I didn't have a specific plan in mind and just set about choosing or mixing paints as I went along. In the end I think he turned out quite well, looking appropriately ghastly. The glowing effects on the board aren't great, but for a first attempt at object source lighting I'm happy enough with the results.

The other figure from the pack is Doom Train, an obvious counterpart to Iron Train from the heroes starter set. An undead monster housed in a suit of armour made up of an old locomotive. Neat idea!

The model is a rather heavy torso supported on some rather boney legs (literally). I was going to pin the shoulders and knees for stability but some of the pieces were pretty fine and I didn't know if I'd be able to do it. In the end I opted to trust the power of my super glue. The resulting pose has a substantial backwards lean, although it still looks good from most angles. It seems to give him a sense of movement to my eyes.

Like Night Fright I didn't have a specific plan for painting Doom Train. It started out with grey primer, working up a bit of bone and metal in the obvious spots. Not liking how it looked at that point I went over all of the armour with flat black then dry brushed it with some gunmetal. Add a bit of bronze and greens to contrast with the skin and bone finished off the paint job to a satisfying effect.

At one point I actually considered scrapping the whole paint job and starting over. I'm glad I didn't do that, because once I'd taken a break from the painting and come back to it a few days later I was truly happy with the results I had achieved.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice work! I am currently assembling and basing a Heavy Metal team.

styx said...

Great work!

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks! I'm still waiting for my collectors pledge to show up. In the meantime I would really like to talk some friends into a game. A harder task than I expected it to be.

Obsidian3D said...

Much appreciated. I still have some of the figures you were looking for if you want them.

pulpcitizen said...

Nice work on those two. :)

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks. Sadly they've not had a game yet. I do want to try some more glow effects like this in the future.