July 17, 2015

BMG 250 Rep Game - Arrow vs Law

Played another 250 rep game of Batman Miniature Game yesterday. I wanted to use something other than my Bane crew, even though I have an unplayed 250 list ready to go. As I’ve been building my figures I’m keeping my eyes open for groups that I can paint together, which is how I came up with this:

- Loeb
- Ron w/ radio and undercover
- O’Connell w/ ammo, radio and badge
- Policeman
- Policewoman
- Batwoman

All the cops I can paint as a unit, and Batwoman fills out the roster nicely. The colours probably won’t deviate much from the studio paint job. They’re police officers, so why make my life more difficult than it needs to be choosing colours?

My opponent played another variation of his Arrow crew. I don’t recall all the equipment taken but the list looked like this:

- Arrow
- Huntress
- Ron
- O’Connell w/ ammo
- Policeman
- Policewoman

The table set up had some elevated areas around the edges and corners, but was largely flat terrain. (As an aside I thought this was one of the better looking tables I’ve put together in a while. I really want to get those Tablescapes street tiles painted up!) Thematically it doesn’t make much sense to have a bunch of cargo containers lying around a cemetery, nor having a cemetery next to the police station but it looked good.

We rolled chance encounter and deployed our sewers, lamps and objectives. This is the same scenario we played last time but had totally missed the random deployment at the bottom of the page! Not this time though. I won’t give a round-by-round recap because I simply can’t remember all the details. Here are some highlights of the game.

- My O’Connell and Arrow rolled 1s and didn’t enter the board on the first turn.
- Huntress and Ron popped up behind my policeman and slaughtered him in the first round.
- On the opposite side of the board my Ron popped behind Arrow’s policeman and gunned him down.
- Batwoman fired off her batarangs trying to slow down Ron and Huntress with little success, she took a fair amount of damage in melee, even though her Bat-Armour mk1 staved off a bunch of hits.
- Loeb used “Kill Them” and “Inspire” to beef up Ron and O’Connell a few times. Having only Move 1 makes him a little tough to use. He can’t move AND manipulate, and sticking around his henchmen can be tough with his base move only.
- Ron nearly killed Arrow in a single shot from his gun. A second attack knocked Arrow down, but he was eventually arrested by O’Connell.
- Policewoman and a Titan-enraged O’Connell took out Huntress, while Loeb gunned down Arrow’s officer Ron.

This was a tough game for the Arrow crew, ending up in a 26 - 8 victory for the Law forces. Despite drawing first blood, I was able to turn the tide fairly quickly. I had thought my Law list would be relatively weak and thought Batwoman would be the big story here. Both of those predictions proved incorrect. I pulled Batwoman back from combat with Huntress and Ron after a few missed attacks (I just couldn’t roll successful damage), but she tied them up for several rounds while I dealt with the other cops and Arrow. I didn’t want to give Arrow’s crew the VP for taking her out, and by that point I figured my officers could handle the mop up.

I’m really not sold on the Arrow/Huntress combo. I think they’re both good characters but they don’t seem to have much synergy and they a are fairly pricey duo. We talked about some different options for Arrow, even discussed a Batman list with Green Arrow and Nightwing, but didn’t come up with anything specific to try. I don’t own either Arrow or Nightwing yet, so I can’t put together a list for myself to try out. It’s possible that the lack of raised areas in the middle of the board hurt Arrow’s effectiveness, but I suffered from the same problem as Batwoman had to stay on the ground too.

I will be painting up this crew first. Perhaps before month’s end I can finally show off some painted BMG figures.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice Batrep. I am having similar qualms about who to add to my Penguin List Fre Agent wise. Theres is a lot of choice though :)

Obsidian3D said...

I think that's true of the game in general. Even a small number of figures can provide you with a wealth of options for building a crew.

10x28mm said...

I want details on those squad cars. Manufacturer... line... gimme gimme.

Obsidian3D said...

Motor Max 1:43 Law Enforcement series. There are the squad cars you see here, a Charger 'enforcer', a blue and white 80s style rcmp, and a black sheriff car that I can remember. I have at least one of each.
I haven't seen any around for a while, but they were at Walmart. They're $5 CAD. I can look for some for you if you let me know what you're looking for.

10x28mm said...

Can you send me a pic of them next to a mini?

10x28mm said...

Actually... i found a pic... next to a mini I have... too big for my tastes/minis.

Thanks anyway.