July 02, 2015

June 2015 Progress Report

My second progress report post, which feels like a bit of a mixed bag in terms of work accomplished. The month started off really strong with a bunch of stuff getting hobby and paint attention. Work, nice weather and a bit of vacation closed out the month and really put a dent in things at the end.

June Progress Report

- Painted sewer markers for Batman Miniature Game (7)
- Built Walking Dead prison tower set (1 of 2)
- Painted 3 sets of lamp posts for BMG (7)
- Painted second objective pack for BMG (4)
- Built and painted set of custom riddle objectives for BMG (2)
- Painted SuperFigs Emerald Alien (1)
- Built Catwoman, Origins Deathstroke, Huntress and Origins Batman for BMG (4)
- Built miniatures for Terminator Genisys starter box (32)

There were several other things that I had were very near completion that intended to knock off in June. After returning from my trip and getting settled back into my work schedule I couldn't find the motivation for in the last few days of the month.

"Old, not obsolete."

Looking back however I have to say I'm not too terribly disappointed with my progress. I'd have liked to finish a few of the items I was working on painting...soon, soon.


Simon Quinton said...

Progress is still progress!

Obsidian3D said...

Agreed. :)