April 25, 2016

And Now For Something Completely...Normal

It's been a pretty crazy spring for me personally, so having some regular things like hobby and gaming time actually take shape has proven very helpful. Today the second round of the Batman Miniature Game league started. It's been fun running that; answering questions, helping people source models, build their crews, understand synergies and best of all play some games!

Today's game was a 200 rep match playing the plunder scenario against Sebastien's League of Shadows crew. He had Nyssa, all three female ninja, plus Seeker and Shadow if memory serves. I had Classic Ivy along with some of my newly painted Blackgate prisoners Turk, Little Spark and High Security Henchman.

It was back and forth all through the game. Turk neglected to defend himself against the katana-wielding ninja and paid for it with his life. Little Spark ran in from an end and zapped the male archer into unconsciousness before killing the kama-ninja. High Security Henchman killed the other female ninja and gained an extra willpower, but I misplayed in round seven and gave up control of an ammo objective due to it. Ivy was a rockstar, using her control pheremones on Nyssa not once but TWICE, as well as scoring a crit poison/paralyze on the other male ninja.

Overall it was tons of fun. I may have been able to edge out a few more victory points if I'd played a little smarter. Seb may have been able to take out another henchman or even Ivy if he'd ganged up with a few of the ninja. I'm looking forward to playing more games this round for sure!

On the weekend I had a few folks over and provided another demo to a prospective player. We ran a few rounds at 150 reputation, using the Lady Shiva starter box against Arsenal and some GCPD officers. Although it wasn't a full game, we got through some examples of melee and ranged combat, planning actions, controlling objectives and some special rules. I think we may have another convert ready to join the ranks!

The weekend before we took a trip down to the annual train hobbyists show "Supertrain!" We'd never been before and it was pretty interesting. Some very skilled modeling on display and it was really busy in there! I picked up a few O-scale Plasticville buildings and some airbrush supplies.

Finally I have spent some time this month painting more figures. The Blackgate prisoners, Killer Croc and Swamp Thing will all be making appearances very soon! I just have to convince them to hold still for some close up shots...

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