April 04, 2016

March Progress Report & Batman League Start!

March was a rough month, with all of my hobby progress happening in the first week. The rest of it was spent on real life stuff, as the poor economy here has resulted in my renewed quest for employment. Lots of other folks are in the same boat as I, but I'm looking at it as a chance for something new and interesting. While I have some more free time I'm also looking forward to a short break and some gaming, while I prepare for the next career step.

When I looked at what I did accomplish in March though, it wasn't too shabby for a seven day span:

- Built Killing Joke Joker, Mr. Hammer, Joker's Daughter, Master of Ceremonies, and Frank Miller Batman
- Built two custom Joker clowns for BMG: August for Harley Crew, and a version of "Six"
- Gap filled a ton of KM models and Grimms for Pulp City, 44 in total!
- Based all remaining models (16)

Today we started our first round for the Batman escalation league here. Scheduling conflicts kept our attendance down to only four, but we have almost a dozen folks signed up and I'm very excited to see that! I am playing Poison Ivy crew and faced off against Shiva and the female ninja, and one of our Batman crews played an abbreviated game against Scarecrow and his militia.

I've got a few more lists I want to try at 150 rep, so I'll need to set up some more games!

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pulpcitizen said...

Looking forward to seeing the Grimm especially. :)