June 14, 2006

Time differences really hurt my hockey experience

I'm about 16 or 17 hours ahead of my "home" time zone, which means that evening games of hockey are mid-morning in my schedule. Problem is, I usually have to leave for work before the friggin' games are over. It's rather annoying listening to a tied game (via internet radio) and having to leave with ten minutes left in the third period. When you get back home it's over and all you can do it check the final score.

Admittedly listening on the radio isn't nearly as interesting as watching the games, but hey, you gotta take what you can get. I was happy to come back today to find that Edmonton's own cardiac kids were able to pull out an OT win and send things back for a game six. Way to go boys!

Yes, I consider myself a Calgary fan first having lived there for almost a decade...but I grew up in a small town smack in between Calgary and Edmonton. People say you can't cheer for both, but to that I say...well, I can't type that because I'm trying to keep my blog PG.

The best part of forcing a game six is that it'll be on Sunday morning for me, which means I can get up at a leisurely hour, not have to hurry and catch the whole game. Of course when (not if, WHEN) it goes to game seven I'll be back in the same boat as this morning. But, make do with what ya got and all that, right?


Virge said...

The winning goal was very sweet, and I think I cheered loud enough for my whole apartment complex to hear. It's nice to see the boys win; let's hope they can do that 2 more times.

Lalena said...