June 12, 2006

The World Cup can be fun...

Japan's team lost their first game, but I've been out a few times since the World Cup started, just to see what the mood is like. With the number of foreign people living in my city there have been supporters for almost team playing, which has been pretty interesting. I'll admit that the Aussies at the bar last night had the Japanese people beat in terms of volume. Rowdy bunch that.

I'm a hockey fan at heart, and try to catch what I can on internet radio (damn you Oilers...ya dropped another one), but World Cup soccer here comes close to the same feeling. It's fun to see people get worked up over sport like we do back home. Some things are just universal I guess.

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Anonymous said...

I am also getting into the World Cup spirit here. I have picked a team to cheer for randomly....I am cheering for the Netherlands. Could it be because I like the color of their jerseys? Or perhaps it is the cute dutch boys? (van persie!)
I'll never tell. Go Oranje!
Nikko Blue (Nikko Oranje for the World Cup)