January 09, 2009

I dig the Marauders!

After having some time to play with a lot of the cards from Marvel Evolutions I have decided that I enjoy playing the Marauders quite a lot. My deck originally started out as a build for one of our Random Punks events shortly before Christmas. I liked it well enough that I didn't take it apart right away, and even tried to make it a little better.

My current build doesn't include any rare cards for the three Marauder legends: Gambit, Mr. Sinister and Mystique. In fact, I don't even have Gambit in my deck at all. I just don't think any of his character or support cards are good enough to warrant adding my one or two copies of them in. My deck is actually pretty simply and runs well enough for me to enjoy playing it even when it loses...because they're almost always close games.

Sinister's Disciples

4x MEV-116 Vertigo (1)
4x MEV-115 Unuscione (2)
2x MEV-106 Prism (2)
4x MEV-095 Lady Mastermind (3)
4x MEV-099 Mr. Sinister, Famine (3)
2x MEV-093 Harpoon (4)
2x MEV-107 Random (4)
2x MEV-109 Sabretooth (4)
4x MEV-094 Joanna Cargill (5)
2x MEV-110 Scalphunter (5)
4x MEV-097 Malice (6)
4x MEV-105 Mystique, Mutant Messiah (7)
1x MEV-089 Exodus (8)

Plot Twists:
4x MEV-122 Deadly Ambush
4x MEV-128 Sinister Disciples
4x MEV-127 Sewer Rats
4x MEV-270 Endangered Species
4x MEV-120 Blinding Light
4x MEV-272 Graduating Class

2x MEV-117 Arctic Base

The deck seems to hit curve quite well in the early game, provided I draw or mulligan for a 1 or 2 cost character. I like the fact that the deck rewards me for stunning an opponent's characters. This game is all about combat in my opinion, so it's nice to have rewards for being successful at that.

If I were to make any changes, I think I would remove the Arctic Base, because I don't find that it is all that useful. Perhaps another 2 copies of a different 1 or two drop character could help me hit my early drops. Exodus is also an unused card, so dropping him for another low drop would likely be a good idea. Vertigo is absolutely awesome if you can keep her out for a few defensive turns, so try to protect her as best you can...at least until you can get Joanna out on turn five!

The other change would be dropping Random for two more copies of Sabretooth. I find that if I have Random in my hand, I very rarely want to actually recruit him. Harpoon is much better in terms of his ability, and Sabretooth is even better yet!The deck is consistent because it has good attack pumps, some reinforcement, a little search and characters with good effects. I'd recommend playing a Marauders build to anyone who wants a fun, straight-forward combat deck.

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roy said...

My build near identical to yours, yet mine sucks. I think I'm 0/4 with this deck. Props to u man that uv been successful with it!