February 09, 2009

Closeout sales are my friend

Yesterday Scott and I made a quick trip up to Red Deer, having heard that Bob & Dave's was going out of business. We were able to get a really nice batch of sealed packs, collectors boxes and a few mats for a very decent price. We split the batch up almost straight down the middle; Scott taking the Marvel stuff and I taking the DC cards.

I think I ended up with something like:

- 18 packs of DOR
- 23 packs of DSM
- 3 packs of DJL plus a collector's box
- 1 Hellboy set
- DCR collector's box
- 39 packs of DLS
- 12 packs of DWF
- 11 packs of DCL

Having next to no self control, I cracked almost everything last night and sorted through it. I was hoping for at least one more copy of Mobilize to give me a playset from Legion, but out of nearly two boxes, I was unsuccessful :( However, we got a great deal and I ended up with a lot of great new cards for my collection. Thanks for inviting me out for the trip Scott! :)

I'll be putting together a box of all my extras as soon as I can along with my now-very-short want list. I'll be happy to make trades with anyone who needs stuff I have and look forward to seeing what kind of decks are going to come out post-cancellation. I'm still excited about this game and can't wait to play in the upcoming army event!


Unstable_Molecule said...

No joy for me either - out of 1.5 boxes of Marvel Origins, not one Savage Beatdown! Also, in a half-box of MUN I only got one SHIELD Agent - I've got no luck with army characters.

No SRA either, but I did get my second copy of Hulk Smash and a second copy of Cap's shield, so that was a bit satisfying.

I shouldn't be complaining so much - it really was a great deal.

-- S.

Harry said...

Hey Charles I got a single Legions mobilize I'll bring it to the tournament.

Obsidian3D said...

That'd be awesome Harry, thanks. I'll bring my rares and uncommons box for you to dig through. I'll compenstate you handsomely for it. :)