February 13, 2009

Event Report - Army Up!

With the long weekend and sudden cold snap our numbers were pretty low, but we still had an interesting mix of army decks in play tonight. We had some Damn Nazis, Random Punks, Manhunters, Multiple Men, Doom/Sentinels and Purifiers.

After four rounds of play no player had an undefeated record. In the end Roy's Multiple Men took first place, followed by Will's Random Punks and Sebastien's Damn Nazis. Collin's Manhunters were fourth, I took fifth place and Harry rounded out the six.

I think everyone had a good time and I had some of the MEQ cards to give out as prizes, which were well received. The themed deck-building events have been really well received and I intend to continue doing them to keep things as interesting as possible for all.

This was actually the second event I have played my Purifier deck in. It's not ultra competitive, but when it fires it is a lot of fun to play. I don't have a lot of experience with army decks which makes this one all the more interesting to me. It's as finished as it's likely to get, so I might as well post up the list here.
23x MEV-233 The Purifiers (1)
4x MEV-231 Matthew Risman (1)
4x MEV-234 William Stryker (2)
4x MEV-230 Lady Deathstrike (3)
2x MEV-232 Nimrod (4)
2x MEV-229 Bastion (5)

4x DCL-245 Birthing Chamber

Plot Twists:
3x MUN-312 Invasion Plans
4x MUN-321 Rogue Squadron
4x MTU-204 Poker Night
4x MEV-275 X-Babies Attack
4x MEV-272 Graduating Class
4x MEV-235 Purified

For some reason the 66 card total just seemed to be right for this deck. It could be made totally modern by pulling out the Poker Nights, and down to 60 cards by pulling 2 copies of the Purifiers. The extra card draw and reinforcement tricks granted by Poker Night make it that much more effective. I found Purified to be a dead card more often than not, as the times it could be used are infrequent, and highly situational. The deck is pretty easy to play and has some good tricks, if not surprising given the 1/3 mix of Purifiers in it. I won't be dismantling this one anytime soon.

Thanks for coming out to play everyone. We'll be playing again next week, and then returning to our alternating Friday schedule after that.

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Vern said...

aww man MEQ? would have been there if i didn't have a huge project to finish for tomorrow.