February 13, 2009

Oh sweet MEQ, how you tempt me...

With the demise of the support system for Vs. System by UDE, we see the final release get a rather short shrift. The Marvel Equipment (MEQ) prize support set looks amazing. Unfortunately, it also looks as though it will be amazingly difficult to get ones hands on them too. The first batch of prize cards did go out to most tournament locations, with the second and third boxes getting little to no distribution, falling so closely within the discontinuation announcement.

A few places online do seem to have them available but they're not cheap, and aren't likely to get any cheaper. For anyone who likes playing equipment in their decks however, they may be worth the investment. Collectors like me will also be seeking them out. It's too bad that they won't be more readily available, because I think most of them are great looking cards.

For those of you who might never get to hold them in your hands or decks, here's a look at what we missed out on.

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