February 20, 2009

Yes Timmy, Wolverine is a nasty man

So tonight we had our second tournament in two weeks, and it was an interesting one. We had six players bring decks built around a single rule "characters in all zones lose and cannot gain team affiliations". We had Kang, Weapon X (Hunter is nice when reinforcement is unlikely), Future Foes and X-Force, MUN nasty characters and a Wolverine clone deck.

Due to the lack of team attacking and reinforcement going on games went pretty quickly and we were able to play four rounds again. I'd have liked to squeeze in one more just so everyone could play each other player, but there just wasn't quite enough time. In my first round I was paired up against Scott, who thoroughly trounced me with his hunter effects. I think it was 12 to -16 after turn 6...so I wasn't off to a terribly solid start.

Game two I was paired up against Harry, who had posted a loss against Will's Kang-craziness. My deck fired quite well this time around, if you don't count either of us being able to play a character until turn 3. Considering that I was able to get out my 3-drop Wolverine with a Muramasa Blade on my initiative and a 4-drop next turn with one, Harry just wasn't able to keep a character on the board. Will and Sebastien won their respective matches and it was on to round 3.

Jon was playing X-Force, without the X-Force stamped plot twists. I hit my 2-drop Elsie Dee and a couple of Healing Factors to keep my board going. When I was able to put my 7-drop Wolverine on the table while still having my 3, 4 and 6... He did use the RL-1000 to get the stun back on my 7-cost with his 6-cost Cable, but with only Siryn, Cannonball and Vivisector left to protect him it was done.

The final round saw me up against Will, who had gone 3-0 to my 2-1. Will had a terrible draw for the first three rounds and mine wasn't much better. The game went to turn 7 with him using his 5-drop Kang to exhaust my 5-drop Wolverine, Secret Avenger three times! :S It was me sitting at 25 and Will at 0 when I passed my attack step without having stunned a single character. He was able to do 22 damage, but it just wasn't enough.

I enjoyed playing my clone deck, and wouldn't mind tweaking it a touch to make it a little better. I'm not quite sure what I would change...maybe you can tell me. Here's what I was playing:
4x MVL-018 Jubilee (1)
4x MEV-137 Elsie-Dee (2)
4x MVL-227 Deadpool (2)
1x MEV-131 Alberta (3)
4x MHG-192 Wolverine, Skrunucklehead (3)
4x MAA-009 Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse (4)
4x MXM-026 Wolverine, The Best at What He Does (5)
1x MUN-031 Wolverine, Secret Avenger (5)
2x MEV-204 Wolverine, Unleashed (6)
2x MUL-032 Wolverine, Bloodlust (7)

1x MUN-328 Uncertain Legacy
2x MUN-307 Grudge Match
3x DCL-257 Duty Calls
4x DCR-174 Crisis on Infinite Earths
4x MTU-204 Poker Night
4x MTU-207 What are Friends For?
4x MVL-045 Healing Factor
4x DCX-026 A Clash of Worlds
4x MEV-259 Muramasa Blade

I had a Fin Fang Foom mat and some MAA cards to give away. Everyone took something home. Thanks for the games fellas.

Our next event will be called Fan-Ban. How this works is simple. Each player that attends the tournament may choose one card (in advance) to declare as BANNED for the night. Send me a message on here by midnight, Thursday, Feb 26th with your choice of a banned card. I will post them on Feb 27th for everyone to see and build decks using our new ban-list.


Harry said...

Uh, I don't know how to just send it to you so I'm just posting the card I want banned here.

MEV-223 Nico Minoru - Sister Grimm

Harry said...

I lied I just posted nico to be an ass to vern, for not coming to the last tourny. Sorry for making your life more difficult Charles.
My actual banned card is...

MEV-206 Weapon Plus Satellite

Unstable Molecule (Scott) said...

So many choices, but I'm going to have to go with "X-Men Assemble!". I love to play WITH it, but man do I hate to play against it. (Will, I'm looking at you.) ;-)

MAA-003 X-Men Assemble!

Anonymous said...

I choose!!!

Mobilize !!

DLS - 187

would this include the MVL one as well?

Obsidian3D said...

Yes, they have the same name so the MVL one would also be included in your choice.

I'm going to choose "Flying Kick"

Vern said...

I guess i'll just have to go with

Goblin Glider MEQ -013.

Jon said...

Awww... you're just gonna ban flying kick?

Anonymous said...

Lol Anonymous xD I think I'ma go anonymous and ban 10 cards. Kidding.

Jared said...

lets ban wharp shards

Icemanufs said...

Lets go with Dead Pool(party Pooper) MEV-179