June 15, 2009

Ivy Sweep-kicks the Elder Shoggoth...

...as Superman flies by carrying Darkseid, who burns everything to a crisp with his Omega-beams!

What? It could happen! At least if the last comic book title I saw on the shelves is any indication. "Jesus Hates Zombies" is apparently the name of an actual comic, so if they're willing to print that, then my story idea should be more than acceptable.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, trying to alleviate the confusion of you readers. Well, let's start with Friday night's Arch Enemy event. We had four players, but one didn't have a deck that qualified for the format so we started off with a three-player vs. Galactus game. To save you the boring and painful details, the Scott-run Galactus deck kicked our butts.

Following that we played a quick three-player tournament. Scott was running Wolverine legend that included Mystique, Jordan was playing a Cyclops legend with Mr. Sinister, and I played Darkseid and included two different versions of Superman. Surprisingly, my Super-Darkseid-Man deck won both games and I ended up the winner for the tournament.

I didn't see all of Scott and Jordan's game, but Scott was victorious in short-order. My game against him was very close, with me winning by a narrow margin of less than 6 endurance. I was able to get set up well against Jordan who was working on building a small swarm for turn five. I was able to draw into a Superman, Metropolis Marvel that turn. The following turn put victory firmly in my grasp. Thanks for everyone coming out to play on such a beautiful evening which ALSO happened to be the Stanley Cup final game (I hate both teams, but I'm glad the Penguins won instead of the Red Wings).

Saturday I shunned the gaming tables for rowing on the reservoir and working on my tan (read: sunburn). Note to self: use strong sunscreen next time...as in, actually USE sunscreen next time. A fantastic barbecue (thanks Seb!) in the evening had me in bed full of yummy food by just after midnight.

On Sunday the plan was to play games anyway, but the sunburn cemented the decision as even the sun on my arms and knee in the car on the way there hurt a bit. Sebastien has started up a new-player league for UFS that runs on Sunday afternoons. I've played 6 games with my starter deck now and am only just getting the hang of how the game works. I scored my only victory due to running out of time while having higher vitality, rather than actually defeating my opponent.

I was able to get a few games of VS in too (it'll always be my first love!), as well as running two demos for Call of Cthulhu. Those were well received and I think both players really started to get a feel for the game.

It's been a great year for gaming with friends, and it's even more fun now that we're all playing several different games. I think it will help keep things fresh for all of us.

Now who wants to learn to play the GIJoe and Teen Titans CCGs? :P

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Harry said...

^_^ Ya sorry about friday, I had the same idea as you Charles :P. Rain kept me in the house, brain thought it was acid rain or something.