June 24, 2009

In-House Becomes Official

Well folks, whether you agreed with my decision or not...it seems that the VS Council did. They also have decided to ban Blink, in addition to proposing an errata to Armed Escort. The official wording for said errata has not yet been released. I will post it here when it becomes available.

I do realize that this decision is disappointing to some of our players, but I feel the decision is the right one for the health of our game.


Icemanufs said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Scott said...

What's the errata on Armed Escort? Use only once per turn?

I'm just a little disappointed that Blink was banned, not errata'd. But Armed Escort had to change. Slap it on an Energize character next to 3-drop Red Skull and you have, "The next time you attack me this game, I win." That's a turn three win condition with infinite life and infinite burn.

Obsidian3D said...

I believe that the Armed Escort errata will be something along 'once per turn' or possibly 'once per attack'. They haven't released the wording yet, but I'm hoping it'll be once per turn.