June 03, 2009

Mmm Stale Blog...crunchy!

I was chastened by one of our players today for not updating my blog in a while. Looking back I suppose my writing has been pretty sparse lately. Oops!

Well just because I haven't written much doesn't mean I'm not playing much. Just last weekend we had another Golden Age tourney with 5 players joining in on the fun. Scott was playing Avengers, Will his Wolverine Legend deck, Roy had some Negative Zone shenanigans, and Jordan...for the life of me I can not remember what he was playing. Whatever it was must have worked well though, since he went 4-0 to take top spot in the tournament! What's even worse on my part is that I played a game against him on Sunday and still can't remember what his deck was. I must be getting old, since it looks like I'm going to have to start taking notes. Regardless, congratulations (and apologies) Jordan!

As for me, I was playing my first build of a straight Starjammers deck. It's a fun little idea, but really didn't hit well for me in any of my three games. The one victory I had was more due to Will's extremely poor luck drawing into useful characters than my awesome deck building skills.

Here's the deck list:

3x Professor X, Mutant Messiah (1)
4x Raza Longknife (2)
3x Nightcrawler, Brimstone Cowboy (2)
4x Corsair (3)
3x Ch'od (4)
4x Hepzibah (5)
3x Rachel Summers (5)
4x Korvus (6)
2x Polaris, Back in the Fold (6)
3x Havok, Proud Son (7)

Plot Twists
3x Mobilize
2x Savage Beatdown
4x Messiah Complex
2x Cannibal Tech
4x Freedom Fighters
2x He Who Watches

4x The Starjammer
2x Rapier
2x Ego Gem
1x Reality Gem

The basic idea is to get the Starjammer shifted out or recruit Professor X out on the first turn. From there you want to get Corsair on turn 3 with a He Who Watches to play before he stuns a character. Then Ch'od to do the same thing the next turn. I have to tweak it a fair bit, because it can't really last out well right now. I can get my opponent's hand size down pretty low before turn 5, but I don't have a way to cement the win. I'm open to suggestions!


Roy said...

Jordan's deck was a Captain America Legend deck. Congrats to him on the win!

Harry said...

I can't see the next tournament over there it's kind of flying away. Legends?

Scott said...

To Harry:

This format is your standard Legend format with a twist: you must add in 4 copies of a character who is one of your legend's toughest foes! Even if the enemy character has the same printed TA they CAN NOT be crossed over by any means.

To Charles:

Regarding the format - are the Legend characters non-unique, or does normal uniqueness apply?

Regarding Starjammers - there are two ways to go to win, IMO. The first is to play Waiting for Havok, in other words, stall until Havok can pick off whomever he feels hostile to. To stall, I'd replace most of your equipment and cannibal tech with defensive pumps. Concentrate on dwindling their hand and brick-walling their attacks, and wait for Havok to do the dirty work he's so good at.

The second route is control. Since you're dwindling their hand, why not make it so they can't flip from their row, too? Since Nightcrawler and Raza don't help your theme much, add in Mesmero to lock your opponent down. Then a card like Grudge Match = win; your stats are better and they can't play plot twists.

And another off-team inclusion that helps your Chod/Corsair combo is Uatu the Watcher. He's better than Xavier, IMO. Night Vision is awesome too, since it also helps your rally.

Obsidian3D said...

Standard Legend format means uniqueness still applies to all of your characters on the board.

And thanks for the suggestions, they're definitely worth thinking about.