July 18, 2013

AvP: Alien and Predator miniatures

Ah the travesty of a game that was Horrorclix. Bastard cousin to the juggernaut superhero game Heroclix. Is it any wonder that no one laments your demise? Alright, perhaps that's a little bit unfair. However, I just couldn't get into Horrorclix, no matter how much I liked Heroclix at the time. The horror theme just didn't come through for me. On the positive side though Horrorclix did leave people like me with dozens of great figures for kit-bashing and converting.

I bought both box sets for Aliens and Predators, as well as the Alien Queen set that came with an additional warrior for each side. The models were pretty nicely produced, even if their 'cross-compatible' dials were mostly useless in both games.


These figures are a simple rebasing job, with no repainting done to them at all. I stripped them off the clix bases, and removed a human figure from one of them. Actually I lied, there was a very minor touch up to that figure to hide the spot where I removed said human from.

The reason I converted these in the first place was to replace the awful 'shrimp' tokens in the board game Panic Station. It's essentially a rip-off (but I don't mean that in a bad way) of the movie Aliens. I didn't have any magnetic bases at the time, but I wish I had...because the box for Panic Station is a steel tin.

I haven't yet done any modifications to the Alien Queen due her base. She has a huge egg sac mounted on the large clix base that the queen figure's smaller one snaps into. It'll take some thinking to sort out how to keep them both useable. The easiest solution will be to simply use the existing base and pretty it up directly over the clix stuff with some sand and stones etc...


I re-based all eight of these figures on magnetic 25mm round bases. This was my second attempt at doing some jungle basing, using a dark brown wash for a base coat instead of my standard black. I'm happy with this batch, and they were very quick conversions. The only paint touch ups I did wash a wash/highlight on the human girl's skin and repainting the chest-burster being held by one of the warriors.

I put all of these models together so that I could play a couple of games of Mutants and Death Ray Guns by Ganesha Games. I designed a scenario for two to four players pitting Aliens, Predators, Terminator robots and some Wretched (basically zombies) up against one another in a free-for-all battle. You can see my first test run of the scenario using the aliens and terminators here.


Simon Q said...

Nice job on re-purposing these if I'd known about these when they where released I'd be doing AVP gaming in 28mm. Sadly these cost a small fortune nowadays so I'll be going the 15mm route. for AVP fix.

Obsidian3D said...

I didn't realize that they were pricey items now. For quite a while they were easy to find online and locally but since I had no use for them until now I didn't bother to buy any additional sets.