July 17, 2013

Painting Bones - Countdown To Vampire: 4

I own a few of the actual packaged Bones figures by Reaper, this one being my first purchase. While awaiting my Vampire pledge box I thought I'd actually tackle a few of the other Bones miniatures I already have. So here we go with a werewolf figure.

I bought this model long ago for use in Strange Aeons, probably a few months before Reaper's kickstarter campaign was announced. If I remember correctly it cost me $2.99 plus tax, which I thought was ridiculously cheap. I'd never seen the Bones figures before, and all the metals and plastics this size were way more money!

I based and primed it shortly after purchasing it, and finally got around to painting it a few weeks ago. With the flood evacuation a while back he sat around on my painting table awaiting some finishing until now. Over the black primer I dry brushed it with two levels of grey (GW Fortress Grey and Codex Grey), and a final white just on the highest spots. P3 Ember Orange on the eyes, with a dot of AP Daemonic Yellow. P3 Carnal Pink around the ears and mouth. A quick dash of GW red wash on the pink areas and some flock/shrubbery on the base. Done.

Total time for this model was probably around an hour and a half, maybe two if you include priming and final basing. Personally I think this is a great looking figure. It was super cheap and very easy to paint.

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