July 31, 2013

Playing a Bit of Catch-Up!

The past seven days have been jam-packed with nerdy goodness. Let me break it down for youz...

First thing's first, last Wednesday I got to meet Richard Comely, the creator of Canada's very own Captain Canuck. Yeah anyone who lives outside of Canada probably has no idea what I'm talking about and that's fine. Basically, Captain Canuck was the first independently created and published Canadian superhero. Some of the first comics I remember reading were issues of the original Captain Canuck series published in the late 70s. I actually don't know where they came from, but I read most of those issues dozens of times.

Last year I had a chance to meet the main colourist for the series Claude St. Aubin, who was a tremendously nice fellow. I'm pleased to say that Richard was equally so. Truly a pleasant fellow, and it was quite a thrill to get to meet him in person and have some of my long-cherished books signed.

Keeping on the comic-book theme, I finally picked up a bunch (actually ALL) of the trades from Dynamite Entertainment's Project Superpowers line. I'd been interested in a few of the characters for quite some time, but never actually read anything. I also grabbed their two Stargate titles. I haven't read them all yet, but what I have done is quite entertaining. Some of the characters are very compelling (Black Terror, 'Devil, The Ghost), while others are really rather generic (V-Man, Masquerade, Dynamic Man). Perhaps I'll do some figure conversions in miniature at some point.

Also had a chance to play a few board games over the weekend. Level 7 [Escape] and Touch of Evil both hit the table in cooperative mode. I enjoy both games for different reasons. If I were to level one complaint it would be at Level 7. The game is actually a lot of fun, but the presentation of the cards is rather stale. I think they missed a big opportunity to add flavour on the event and adrenalin cards. Instead of saying "Discard to gain 1 fear" it would have been cool if it had some sort of description of sounds or sights to explain why your fear might be going up. It seems small, but I feel like it would have added a lot to the theme and immersive quality of the game.

And finally...my Reaper Bones Vampire pledge package has finally arrived! This massive box of plastic goodness was quite the surprise arrival. The reason for it being unexpected was due to my UPS tracking number not really tracking anything. After I received the tracking notice from Reaper it merely sat at "Ready for UPS." After contacting Reaper about it I realize that it was through no fault of theirs, and was beyond their control. My guess is that it had something to do with the customs processing it had to go through so that I didn't pay taxes on the box.

All that said though, it is indeed quite the box. I only ordered a few add-ons: 2x Cthulu, 2x figures cases, 2x deep dweller packs, an extra NOVA and IMEF squad each, and a Frost Wyrm. One of the Cthulus and a deep dweller pack were for a friend, the rest of this mad pile of plastic is for me! It took me HOURS to go open all the individual baggies and sort the figures out to ensure that everything was included, but it was a fun couple of hours.

I'll leave you with a photo of my nicely sorted collection of Reaper Bones.


Simon Q said...

Awesome catchup :D

Bet you don't know where to start with that box of Reaper goodness

Obsidian3D said...

There are a few options for sure. Since most of it is fantasy stuff I'm not in a rush for those, but some of the scifi and horror stuff could work.

I actually picke out six models. Three are options for an Orici for my SG1 project, two will likely be Ori priors and one I will use as Vala.

But I really need to paint up my gate and Jaffa first!