January 14, 2014

Deadzone - Shipment 1 Inventory Complete

Whew now sorting through the massive box of Deadzone stuff...that was a lot of work. I had gone through the package shortly after I received it in December and organized the various bags into their appropriate factions, but beyond that I hadn't actually checked all the figures and parts. The pictures in this post are largely collected from Mantic's promotional materials, as I haven't constructed any of my own toys yet. I really wish they've just labeled the damn bags. It would have made things a lots easier for all the Kickstarter supporters.

I started off trying to figure out what was default to the core box game, then the extra items I ordered, and finally all of the stuff I got as bonus items for supporting the Kickstarter campaign. After going through the base game I counted up all the parts for my "Enforcers" faction bag.

I really like the look of these figures, although the image from Mantic's website shows some expertly painted samples. Some of the detail on the guns looks a little soft (across the board, not specifically the Enforcers). The booster that I had ordered for these guys was delayed and will come in the second shipment. I do like the overall design of the figures however and I'm quite looking forward to putting them together. The studio colour scheme is actually very good in my opinion, and I'm inclined to use it as a basis for my own paint work.

Next up are "the Plague." I didn't order the faction booster for these guys, figuring the base game would come with enough stuff and extra KS figures to give me a good start. I did order some zombies that will come with shipment 2.

Again I think the figure designs are quite good. The troopers and phase 2 figures are nothing particularly unique, but the phase 1 is a beast. It's probably the one design that really made me interested in backing the game at first. A lot of folks would disagree with me, but I like it. Reminds me a little of Superman's murderer Doomsday. The pink hues might not make it into my paint schemes but it works well enough on these figures.

The Rebs faction looked like a fun bunch of misfits, so I ordered a booster for this faction which I did receive. Two Teratons on my squad, look out! Some of these alien designs were pretty interesting, particularly the Yindij and Sorak figures. I'm a little sad I passed on the Chovar add-on, but I can always pick one up later. With duplicates of some figures I'll likely do some conversions with this batch.

Last up for the figures were the Marauders. If you've ever seen 40k Orks there is nothing surprising or new here. They're pretty interesting looking overall, but since I have some 40k figures these were the ones I was least interested in. I still am less than enthralled with them actually. That said though, the paint work on the studio figures does make them look pretty damned good.

Oh I forgot all of the Mercenaries and KS extra figures. I love the "Blaine" Predator figure, and the Judwan assassin is also great. The survivor and Recon Unit whatever-his-name is are also very good looking. There are a few others that I'm pretty lukewarm on but in general this batch is strong. It'll be difficult to choose which one of these to start with.

Finally we had all the other bits and bobs in my package. Included in the base game was the core worlds battle zone. At my pledge level the amount of sprues included for that were doubled. I added the fortifications and landing pad battle zones to my pledge as well. Over half the space in my package was filled with terrain sprues!

 Fortifications sprues

Landing pad sprues

We also got that spiffy vinyl mat for the game to be played on. I can see wanting to buy an extra one to play larger games! I guess I could use the paper one also included in the box...but yuck. The acrylic upgrade tokens are generally garbage, a lot like the ones that we got for Dreadball. The resin crate tokens are really cool though so I'm looking forward to putting those together!

Lastly were all of my add-on scenery bits. I purchased one of each of the Antenociti's Workshop terrain bundles (four in total), as well as getting the air scrubbers and the other things (I can't remember what they're called. Combining these with the terrain pack from Sedition Wars will mean being able to create some really excellent looking sci-fi tables. Of course it'll take me months to paint even half of it...

I was one of the lucky folks who ended up to have an accurate shipment. Sorting through everything was a bit of a nightmare due to things coming in multiple bags per faction and no proper list of what figures should be included as part of each faction starter/booster. Now that I'm all sorted out I'm not concerned with it, but some simple label stickers on the bag would go a long way to making the process easier on the customers.

After all that work however I'm happy with what I have received, and I know there's a lot more on the way. I ordered the Asterians faction starter, and have some more extras coming like my zombies and Enforcer booster. Whether it shows up next week or in six months I'm damn sure I will be nowhere near having all this stuff painted anyway.

*Transmission End*


Simon Quinton said...

Nice review. I'm in to minds at the minute whether to get into it or not. I have enough projects at the moment. But I do like the artwork for the Forge fathers additions

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks for stopping by. I do wish more folks would leave comments like you.

It's interesting that you're interested in the Forge Fathers. Of the six factions they showed during the campaign that's the only one I didn't buy. I like the Dreadball team but the artwork for the Deadzone FF figures just didn't do anything for me. Was there any one thing that particularly caught your interest?