January 10, 2014

Field Report: SA-1234-FfF

December 17th, 1923

From: Carl Selinger, Commanding Field Agent
To: Director Silver, Calgary Field Office

Director Silver,

It has been several months since my last update and I have much to share. Our last outing went badly, very badly. Simply put, Professor Armitage and Dr. McDermott were both killed during our investigation of the stone circle. In our attempt to flee from the area we were captured and held by a man named Hemler. At least, that's what all of his followers referred to him as.

The man wears a grey uniform identical to his followers, but atop his head is a gleaming silver mask. To my knowledge, he never speaks. However it seems his minions receive directions from him in some manner while in his presence. I hesitate to suggest telepathy or mind control, but after all I've seen in my work I certainly wouldn't rule it out.

While held captive they asked us innumerable questions about our mission, who we work for, what we know about the stone circle. It seems however that the have no knowledge of the Threshold and I'm proud to say that all of my men acquitted themselves admirably. No one revealed anything. But director, the things they did to the bodies of our fallen comrades in hopes of breaking us...unspeakable. I had begun to fear that we might succumb to these horrors when we were miraculously rescued!

Agents Carter and Moreau were somehow able to find us and spirit us away during the night. We evaded pursuit and have boarded a train bound for Marseilles. From there will return home to re-equip. With the current condition of my team, I fear that doing otherwise will simply result in more agents lost. I'll ensure that our findings are forwarded to the London and Paris offices before boarding our ship.

It seems that our rescuers are intent on returning home with us. I've no cause to deny them doing so. By the time we arrive I'm sure we will be ready to accept any assignment you may have for us.


Carl Selinger

PS: I've cabled the Paris office and requested our new agent dossiers be forwarded to you ASAP.

--Communique from Paris--
ATTN: Director Silver
RE: Agent Dossiers

Monique Moreau

Randolph Carter

The dynamic duo, oh and Carter's there too.


Simon Quinton said...

Awesome characters. Great background. I never new that the RAFM girl with the stick had a pistol in her other hand very sneaky!

Obsidian3D said...

Thanks Simon. I bought her well over a year ago and I'm very happy with how she turned out. I had some trouble with the skin tone but finally got it right.