June 22, 2014

Birthday Haul (Sorta)

I arrived home from a vacation a little while back and smartly enough, I had booked a couple of extra days off so that I could recover from any possible jet-lag. Also, I really didn't feel like going to work on my birthday. I had to run some errands in the morning, and on my way home I decided to stop in at Revolution Games to pick up some goodies. I figured I might as well get a present I knew I'd like for myself, just in case! I didn't end up with any new games, but did find plenty of expansions.

I haven't played any of them yet, but I really hope to do so soon!

My aunt also dropped in from out of town while I was post-vacationing. I had shipped some stuff to her place to save some postage fees during the past year. I was also planning go to pick it up myself, but hadn't been able to make the timing work. I'd forgotten just how much stuff was waiting for me. It was like Christmas all over again (or more birthday presents), once again courtesy of my own wallet.

The biggest single item in there was the AT-43 Initiation Box. I've played a few games of AT-43 in the past and really enjoyed it. The universe is a genius way to make sci-fi WW2 not actually be WW2. I thought I should track down a starter box of my very own, and it's finally arrived. What a huge box full of stuff. A lot of that stuff is AIR, but it's still pretty cool. Maybe with the starter rules I can actually figure out how to play a decent game without someone else's help.

Next up were some out-of-print, discount board games. I own the other three HeroCard board games and have been pleasantly surprised at how good they are. Naturally I wanted to have the rest of the line. I was able to pick up the expansion packs for the games locally even though I was unable to get the actual games, until now. These had to be shipped to a US address, because for some reason the Amazon sellers wouldn't ship top secret board game materials north of the border. WTF?

Last, but by no means least, was a HUGE assortment of Tannhauser expansions. When you look at the photos you'll see that I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. This batch of joy was ordered from Miniature Market last summer at a whopping 50% discount! At the time they didn't have everything I was missing, but it was very close. The few items I wasn't able to get in this order I've since picked up locally or online, and now I consider myself very lucky to own the entire game line. Behold with envy my internet minions!

Now if only I had another vacation booked to crack into all of these wonderful new toys...


styx said...

Happy birthday June brother! A nice haul of goodies all around. The wife has an IOU to me to get some goodness and my mom is slipping me some hobby cash also in the mail.

Until then, back to Ebay for me!

Obsidian3D said...

Haha actually I'm late May. It's just taken me much longer than normal to get these pictures loaded up.