June 03, 2014

More Star Trek: Attack Wing Thoughts

Tholian Web

A few weeks ago I posted up my planned fleet list for the "Tholian Web" event. When I found out that my regular venue wasn't able to get the kit I resigned myself to not getting to try the fleet list. If you want a quick recap, it was two Bajoran scouts, a Defiant-class and some Federation fighters. The full list and my thoughts about it can be found here.

Pleasantly enough, I had a chance to run this fleet at Sentry Box's event last Monday!

The first match put me up against a two-ship Federation build that made quick work of my Bajoran ships. The Defiant class survived long enough to take out Picard's ship, and with time called, my fighters took out the second ship with just enough damage to take down its last remaining hull point.

The second match was against a fully loaded Voyager clocking in at 98 points. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the build. It had some good tools and those 10-dice torpedoes are scary. However, the attack using said torpedoes ended up rolling ONE hit on a total of eleven dice. Yes, you read that right. That attack would certainly have destroyed any one of my ships, but ended up being evaded. With my superior numbers I had the Voyager down to only a few hull when she got sliced in half by the web.

Match number three put me up against a two-sphere Borg build. This was pretty much what I'd expected to see, with a side board (loaded with Picard), Dukat and not much else. Those base-6 attacks in a full 360 degree arc, with free battlestations every round, were devastating. I concentrated my fire on the Picard sphere and had it near death but simply couldn't withstand those attacks for long.

The second prize ship went to the fourth place player in a roll-off. He's always a great sport, so I was happy to see him get it.

More DS9 Goodness

A few days later Trilogy Games hosted a second event for a Deep Space Nine model! Due to scheduling conflicts I wasn't able to host it, so I wanted to say thanks to Lewis for running the event and congratulations to Jason on his victory. Additional thanks go to Chris at Trilogy for putting up such a great prize for the measly cost of a booster for entry.

The Arena / The Collective

Teri has got some fab preview videos up for the prizes from both "The Arena" event, as well as some of the blind booster contents from the Collective series. Some of that stuff is looking amazing, so go to her channel and see what's coming up.

Later this month I'll be announcing the next event at Trilogy and might even tip my fleet plans for the event.


Stad said...

Thanks Lewis... yah now that I have a side board, looking at gorn battle, but might play tos feds for fun.

Obsidian3D said...

Pike, sulu and Kirk as your captains? Or just a two-ship build?